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Barneys Farm LSD and HSO Bubba Kush Grow

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by The Red, Apr 18, 2013.

    The Red

    The Red Active Member

    Welp I'm back with my second grow going, I'm doing Barneys Farm's "LSD" and Humboldt Seed Organisation's "Bubba Kush". I am using MG Organic Choice soil with fucktons of perlite mixed in (I was extremely drunk when I mixed it up). The plants are on day 25 and I topped yesterday, flipped to 12/12 today. Going to be doing a full MG grow so we'll see what comes of it. I'll be getting the MG Bloom Booster Nutes soon. I have been having some serious heat issues and it fucked up my plants for a while but they're recovering, If you see some lights off in the box it was done to lower the heat. I was originally using 12 26w cfl's 8 of which were soft white, and 4 daylight (Can't remember the Kelvin right now but whatever). I'll be updating in this same thread instead of posting a new thread for every update. Tldr: Full MG Grow, let's do this.:hump:

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    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    Nice so far, looks like you have some mild nute burn. I'm growing LSD as well. On 29th day of 12/12.
    The Red

    The Red Active Member

    Nice you got anny pics? And I thought it looked like nute burn but I washed all the soil and perlite hardcore befor I planted/transplanted and I fed very lightly. My plants were damn near death from the heat at one point, like they looked terrible. I thought that the leaves looking like that was just them recovering but it might be nute burn.
    The Red

    The Red Active Member

    Well I'm trying to find a camera to use. I normally use my buddies iphone because the camera is legit as fuck. Buds have just started forming, week 2 of flower was yesterday. LSD has outgrown the Bubba Kush, so far I've topped and trimmed up some of the undergrowth. LSD is starting to smell skunky already.
    The Red

    The Red Active Member

    I found out that the cam on my phone really isn't that bad. It's just that my viewing screen is a total piece of shit! So anyways haven't updated in a while, it's day 71 from seed, day 46 from flipping to 12/12. The leaves have been looking a little funky and the plants aren't looking too healthy all together, the heat in the box has reached 100 degrees about 3 times but normally stays around 90-93. Anybody know whats up with the leaves?

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    a1uswazz Member

    Hey brother looking good I would say there's nothing wrong it looks like there turning purple which is normal with low temps or a type of strain and bubba kush has phenos that turn purp

    lospsi Active Member

    i think that if you top today you must leave the plants at least a week or a month better before you switch to 12/12. correct me if i am wrong..happy growing!

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