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Barneys Farm Liberty Haze

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by forgetiwashere, Nov 25, 2011.


    forgetiwashere Well-Known Member

    cant wait to grow this strain anyone get to the cannabis cup and get to try this stuff?

    forgetiwashere Well-Known Member

    found this on another site

    Barney's Farm Liberty Haze Smoke Report

    Appearance.....9/10 Dense sugary bud, lots of trichomes
    Effect..... Sativa based haze, uplifting high.
    Taste...Lemon chew sweet


    Liberty haze was one of the more potent strains I toked while at the cannabis cup. Really enjoyable smoke, doesn't make you lazy. ​
    King Blunt

    King Blunt Well-Known Member

    Any clue when its available at the tude? And what were the winners this year?

    forgetiwashere Well-Known Member


    nattybongo Active Member

    Anyone heard if there bringing out seeds yet?

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    good luck finding a keeper. you,ll need it.....peace

    mulesdontlaugh Member

    Hi folks,

    found the thread when i looked out for some infos on the Liberty Haze.

    Just returned from Amsterdam and had the smoke there. First: If You're there don't go to Barneys. Whenever I come there, they have quality problems. Well it's better than most Stuff in Amsterdam because its clean. But it is not cured very properly.
    Go to the Amnesia instead they offer the same cut, but cured properly;-) Also had a long talk to the bud tender there. I think he really loves the product he sells there because whenever he can have a break he looks at his buds and takes a deep brath out of the box.

    The Liberty is Amnesia Haze x Amnesia Lemon and it is a weed of overwhelming fruity/citric taste with a rather clear than trippy high but very strong. Truely a superior cut.
    I also could smoke the Amnesia Haze in contrast. It's much more trippy and intense in the high, but not as fruity in taste as the Liberty. Also the Amnesia Haze was much more sticky and more than heavily coated in resin. As I smoked raw spliffs in Amsterdam I prefered the Liberty, because it was not that devastating to my mind as the AH or (even worse :mrgreen:) their Old School Haze.

    Not to forget the belly blasting munchies You will get from the Liberty.:weed:

    beardietree Well-Known Member

    I have not had any luck with barney seeds . Cant get the little basterds to sprout .

    obBi0 Active Member

    Barney's Farm Liberty Haze is now available for sale, saw it in a well known cannabis seed bank...

    JCashman Well-Known Member


    YuckFou Active Member

    Either have i, Barneys seeds suck. I have never had a problem with any other seed/s, i always get them to germ. What is funny though, is that i had a tangerine dream seed that was waiting for it to germ, after about 5 days i gave up. I forgot the dish was in there still when i went to germ a Killing Fields, well i opened it up and there was about a 1/2" root that had sprouted from the Tangerine Dream seed, so it happened somewhere in the time frame of day 6 to day 10. I tried to plant her anyway but it was to late, it never took. So if i ever get another BF seed i will remember that they appear to be very slow germers~!

    razzmatazz82 Well-Known Member

    Wow I've had good luck with Barney's. Well pretty good. I had 5 Crimea Blue's, 4 of them sucked but the 5th was excellent. I've only popped one of my Vanilla Kush seeds, my first outdoor run and it had very good smell and taste, lacked density though. And I had two good LSD phenos, one of which i held onto.

    antimatt3r Well-Known Member

    my liberties are on the way w00t. cant wait to flower this exodus cheese i got too

    montanachadly Active Member

    also got the liberty haze and some purple wreck reserva privada and some super silver haze just germinated a black afy from world of seeds and an matanuska thunderfuck via drgreenthumb ive gotten quite addicted to buying seeds of late spending over 300 bucks in the last two weeks better spent on them than the pills i used to spend the money on

    MaineWeed Active Member

    I can relate as I been on a "my own private seed bank" stocking kick myself, it's an addiction of another kind acquiring reserves of a wide variety of genetics for future grows.

    YuckFou Active Member

    I got these from a seed bank with an attitude, if you know what i mean, and all 5 Germed, and is friggin awesome, you are going to love it. I have a mother of her, and will keep her alive for as long as i can, i just love it..

    kilkennycat Member

    im on week 5 all good buds starting to bloom

    kilkennycat Member

    on week 5 3 liberty one critical kush will upload pics
    You know

    You know Member

    Got a thread going on this? Would live to see how they are doing. Got 3 germinating as we speak!

    Bauks Well-Known Member

    This strain is pure trash. Junk. Avoid it.

    I've germinated and grown one 5-pack of BF LH seeds so far -- and what an incredible disappointment! Good cola development and plenty of pistils -- but NO calyx development at all! None! The bud is all dried pistils and air - just airy useless fluff - with no calyx's or trichomes to speak of. It tastes and smells just like yard grass, even after a careful curing. Yuck!

    All seeds were first germinated (4 out of 5 germinated) and then put in rock wool blocks until good roots appeared. At that point they were put into our normal hydroponic pre-flower setup - pH neutral water with a bubbler, and 24-hour lights. Once the root ball was a good size (a couple of weeks) they were moved into a hydro flowering (12/12) setup for 12 more weeks. Top-shelf nutrients were provided at every stage of growth, and lights, temps, TDS and pH carefully controlled.

    Yet the results were awful.

    This plant tends to produce very few "normal" looking marijuana leaves - almost all the leaves on the plant are just a single large leaf - no lobes. No 7-leaf fans - just one big droopy leaf. I've had a few other strains like that before, and they were fine in the end. But these plants look weird with all big, single leaves like that.

    I'm an experienced grower, and I've been growing an ever expanding variety of plants for years now - I know what I'm doing.

    My only other experience with Barney's Farm seeds was with Super Lemon Haze. The first pack of SLH seeds I got ALL failed to germinate. All duds. The second pack only had 2 out of 5 seeds germinate.

    Once I got a few SLH going it turned out to be a wonderful high, though the yields are *very* low compared to most other strains. Still, SLH has the biggest calyx's I have ever seen on any plant, and they are uber-densely packed with trichomes. And the buzz is to die for - no joke. Incredible. But it's not a big yielder.

    So...I'm not so hot on Barney's Farm anymore. I've tried to germinate 15 of their seeds so far - and only got 2 plants out of it. One was great, in it's own way - the other is worse than ditchweed, IMHO.

    Barney's Farm needs to work on their offerings and on their entire operation a while longer, I think. Pretty packaging can't make up for shipping dead seeds that simply won't ever germinate. And the weed they're winning Cannabis Cup contests with is very likely NOT anything like the weed you and I are apt to see growing from their seeds, for some reason, sad to say.

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