Banana Tea (Potassium)

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    Didn't even see that post, just a few minutes before mine...

    Yeah, kelp/seaweed would be the better route for potassium, minerals and PGRs. I think people hear about giving "teas" to their plants and they just get the wrong idea in general. They aren't those kind of teas, no boiling water should be required.

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    if you want to use banana peels. the best ways imo. either feed them to worms /compost pile or dehydrate and puree. then steep for a few days then drain and then they will be soluble.

    if you make a soil mix to cook, adding coco to the mix is good. When it breaks down, it will produce potassium. thats why sub does not have any ingredients with k in his recipe. the kelp and the coco and green sand in the roots soil will produce enough k once broken down

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    I've used banana peel tea and it seems to work quite well...and I put greensand, kelp and a little coir (mostly via the coir worm bedding) in my soil mix and feed my worms banana peels too. I've used Dr Earth seaweed concentrate before well. There are many ways to skin a cat. :)

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    Hi everyone. I felt I should comment as I use banana tea regularly with good results. We organic growers should be constantly striving for ways to do things naturally, cheaply, effectively and efficiently. If I can save my banana peels and make a tea type amendment for my soil instead of buying guano, seaweed or whatever else then that's much better! THIS IS NOT AN AACT! think of this as a simple nutrient solution if the word tea is too inflammatory or confusing. Follow the recipe ...
    Banana Peel Tea.
    Origin: Bananas. Cheap to make. eat the banana, use the peels.
    Provides: Strong Potassium Boost. ideal for flowering.
    Preparation: after selecting 4 bananas, and eating the insides, place the 4 peels into a pot, with 4 cups of water (1L). You can also add in 2 tablespoons of molasses. Bring to a boil. let boil for 5 minutes. remove the peels. let cool. place in jars for storage.
    Application: mix this 1 part banana goop to 2 parts water. use every 2 weeks.

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    ^^^^ so do you add the goop to just water or can you add it to aact? If you add it to aact , would it be better to add already diluted or just the goop?

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    Is Lacto Bacteria good for flowering at all?

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