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Banana Kush

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by LemonHerb, Apr 28, 2008.


    LemonHerb Well-Known Member

    I got some Banana Kush from a local MMJ delivery service recently and it was by far the best weed I have ever had. I wanted to try and grow it myself some day but can't find much info about it.

    Does anyone know where I can get seeds, or maybe a clone?

    PupleCrisis Active Member

    i would say talk to the dealer and if its MMJ then they should have clones or seeds

    krunkpot Well-Known Member

    whered u get the seedS?

    Jungleman Well-Known Member

    I cant find any store who sale banana kush??

    izeenossink Member

    I just bought six clones of Banana Kush yesterday, 4/27, at organica in Venice. They had plenty of them. Give them a call, 310-578-2945. You have to have a prescription though.

    The address is 13456 Washington Blvd, Marina del Rey.

    slimdojha Member

    yea actually i have sum... ill make sum clones from mama. let me knw i can try an post a pic if ur still lookin after two years

    ievolution Well-Known Member

    i know this is REALLY old, but if you live in the Northern Cali area we will have some Banana Kush clones in about 5 weeks..

    as long as you are prop 215 legal and have your prescription available.

    In my grow there are also other strains listed. PM me if interested.

    Nattysdutch Active Member

    Hi mate ! u eva get any seeds out a the bannana, as im in europe..?

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    dis is it i need this shit but i think im done started at 30

    Sour Banana 5 Fems LIVE AUCTION 7 DAYS ONLY

    "Sour Banana"= Banana OG Kush x Orignal Diesel (feminized) 5 seeds per pack

    Had a cut given to me as So Cal Banana OG Kush, i sat on it for awhile not knowing much about it but once I ran it I was glad I did. Took on a smell in flower that I couldnt put my finger on, not your typical citrus or grapiness, kinda funky, and then I recalled the name of the cut and did notice a subtle banana candy aroma. Grows with a typical og stucture.. crossed to the reversed Original Diesel clone

    Original Diesel, Daywrecker, Headband(not 707).. The pollen donor for some of the fem crosses and s1's were made of her. She grows kinda leggy, can yield well and responds well to training, stetches for about 17-20 days when flipped to 12/12, I flower her 70 days. Real deal sour diesel for those that enjoy that flavor. The bubble hash from OD shows what real sour diesel is suppose to taste like, a citrus note going in for the sour and the exhale is like standing by a gas pump and breathing. The first time I tried the OD bubble I had to reconsider for one second if I actually like diesel (i still remember my girlfriends face when she tried it lol), the gasoline taste on exhale is very pronounced.. not for those that want more of a fruit taste in their smoke..

    Auction Listed for 7 Days End TIME is 11.59 (UK)

    Auction Start Bid : 30 $ ​
    [​IMG] Attached Images[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Nattysdutch Active Member

    doh.. where ve i been .. soz missed ya @Dwezelitsame

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    I love banana kush. My dealer would get it from Northern CA. Its a powerful Kush strain straight up hit me hard. I smoked a lot of Banana Kush the past few years and its a good strain doesnt really taste like banana but if you jar it you get a good whiff of a almost like Banana smell like a earthy/banana smell.

    FriendlyTokez Active Member

    wow this was an old thread!
    the banana kush is definetly a localized strain because i've never seen it on any seed distributor site. im jealous, i would love to try it. is this a norcal strain? norcal is pretty far for me to get to its not someplace i can visit everyday...but lots of talented skilled people up there. :)
    im thinking im gonna retire up there when i get older haha[​IMG]

    caligreenzzz Well-Known Member

    im growing 2 bk's right now, week 5 flowering, shit is stanky and full of sticky crystals......

    ill post some pics if needed...

    Monkeymonk840 Active Member

    I have the banana kush clone and I'm doin s1s soon but a bx and ibl with it now. I'm using males of shishkaberry blueberry Dom, grapestomper og, raskals fire og, and dynamite. It should be killer. I'll have testers out in a few. But I'll be slanging them if all the tests go well. I'm sure with those genes its a go. On cannazon first n then dr chronic or the tude next. All depends on my males. N s1s I'll do after but limited. And some elite clone fem crosses. Like banana crack, green banana, cheesy bananas, chembana, green chem. But limited as well, I prefer males. I'm doin some bodhis seeds crosses as well as he is cool with me using his gear as well as Gage green, Cali connection and it's all on the way. I'll have this banana, another, green crack, chem d, chem 4, stardawg, candy chem, djs original old school blueberry, pre 98 bubba, 91 chem, and more to work with and my existing collection sour og, dairy queen, Chernobyl, space queen, sfv og, bodhis nl 5 noof, bodhis Apollo 11 genius f3, clusterfunk, gages bright moments, and grapegod.

    althor Well-Known Member

    Im confused, I thought S1 was without a male. F1 would be with a male?

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i got me some banana kush beans, also chocolate banana as well.. dude named jaws puts them out, not for sale as far as i know though..
    jaws gear.. i think he has some threads on the farm on his gear if you wanna check em out.. :)

    jamboss Well-Known Member

    How is it you get all these killer genetics?

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i could tell you, but then i'd have to kill you afterwards, lol... :)

    jamboss Well-Known Member

    Never mind, ^_^.

    Monkeymonk840 Active Member

    Dude fuck the farm! And alien. Cannazon is way better that's where the dank is to be had. I got booted for a cpl months for asking alien about his outrageous priced common strains. Canna collective is good too, the tude too. Weed world just ripped me off over 90 bucks so beware. And s1 are fems, f1s are a p1 male n female first fillial generation cross. I'll have both. I will have green crack chem 4 chem d and candy chem to work as well. My banana is the original sativa Dom candy banana cut, not organkids banana og yuk it tastes like nana bread. And Choco nana is ok I heard but the cut I have is the elite. Next in line is the so cal banana og or the indica banana kush which is mines sister. I'm doin s1s of green crack x banana, chem 4 crack, banana d, 4d, 4 banana, and pure. S1s as well as raskals og f1s, grapestomper og, dynamite, kish, clusterfunk, goji og, nl5 noof crosses. I'm just getting going but I promised mr c I'd work with cannazon first and then to other places. Skunkmonkie n most of the Gage green crew are my testers. I'll have testers in 3 months.

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