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    • Do the cords get hot? I am just planning my grow room and I didnt think to ask if the cords get hot. I used ducting tape (metal tape) to tape the cords to my a wall. Will this be a problem? I dont think it will because Im sure they make the cords insulated just wanted to ask someone who has had an indoor grow and could give me some advice. ALSO I have my ballast inside my grow room (only way possible) I put a vent right under them, and raised them off the ground, my ventilation is 60cfm and its a 60 cubic foot room with an extra fan. Will this keep the temps down (400 watt hm)
      any idea? ​


    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    the cord will be fine they don't get hot just think your cpu uses a good 600 watts or so. not too sure about the vent it should work but I'd run the room for a couple hours before puting your plants in their just too be sure.
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    you're cord n ballast will not over heat as long as you are using the correct fuse etc for the ballast .

    ROFLhacks Active Member

    lol cpus barely use 150 watts :bigjoint:

    but unless your cord hangs really close to your light it shouldn't get hot

    WeedChip Active Member

    If the cord is getting hot then the cable is too thin for the load being carried. Short answer is NO.

    However if you wrap the wire around something or into a coil then you will cause the cable to act as a resistor. This WILL heat up the cable and ruin the lifespan of your electricals. (this applies to all electronics, if you are running something off a coiled extension for a long time you should unravel the entire cable to prevent it heating up)

    WeedChip Active Member

    60CFM should be fine, but there's only really one way to find out.

    make sure your intake is right, you want it to be just at the edge of negative pressure. (meaning any air gaps will suck air into the room rather than leak smells out) if the room is well sealed then this won't be hard to achieve, if the room is not well sealed then I would suggest not putting any vents in and let the fan suck though any holes.

    Also if you are using a carbon filter then your CFM will lower.

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