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Baking Soda?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by BlindFaith90, Apr 12, 2007.


    BlindFaith90 Active Member

    I have a pretty small growing space right now, and I was curious if a box of baking soda would absorb the smells emitting from the box?

    1Fast Well-Known Member

    baking soda does actually absorb odors but i think it does it by absorbing the moisture in the air which carries majority of the smell especially in a fridge as far as a growbox i dont think that would be a good idea moisture is good to have ....if the smell is a concern build a homemade charcoal canister im going to build one this weekend cause im about to start flowering my plants and they will start smelling once i get done with it i will post a how to im going to try to build it as cheaply as possible ....there may be a how to guide on here already but i have not looked

    BlindFaith90 Active Member

    Can I just make a box, throw some charcoal in it, and have it absorb the smells?

    1Fast Well-Known Member

    no you have to have your air flow through it..
    im going to use a electric fan out of my old bmw it came originally with 2 fans i have since upgraded so i have these 2 laying around i am going to use one as intake and 1 as exhaust and then build some sort of canister to hold charcoal with sometype of filter to contain the charcoal ....like i said i dont have the details worked out yet but i will soon (using fans from car may be a little too much not sure yet....pc fans i think would be enough for small setup)

    BlindFaith90 Active Member

    Yea, a rad / A/C fan is going to push A LOT of air...

    shunkan Active Member

    i tried baking soda before and didn't notice any effect. there are a lot of different products you can pick up in a supermarket that will kill smells of a few plants.....look for them in combination with a homemade filter. the more the merrier, and less smell, but the truth of the matter is you'll never quite knock it all out. you will just get used to the smell.

    Mark. Well-Known Member

    should get 1 of them moisture traps with odor crystals an put it in the box works well with small grows best thing 2 do is just go all out an get a carbon filter

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