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Bagseed - Brown vs White

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by darkage, Nov 15, 2007.


    darkage Active Member

    Allrighty, Something that has been on my mind since growing up around bagweed ...

    You generally get brown and white seeds, i've allways known the brown to be the males and the whites to be the female ... With that said ...

    It is no better of a chance to germinate white seeds over brown?

    Either color is simply a 50% shot at natures hand?

    Are there any known growth differences as to why one or the other would be better off kept ? ...

    I germinated 3 of the biggest white seeds i had in my collection and 2 outta 3 are male ... bad luck, ratio ... i understand that, just thought someone's heard myths or stories or experiances to share ...

    1puff2puff3puff Well-Known Member

    I think with bag see there is always a high ratio of males(have some bagseed now out of 4, 1 died, ones male, one looking like a male and 1 female). I have always read the white seed are premature and are bad seed and the dark spotted seeds are better. A good way to not waist you time on germing bad seed with bagseed(and i would do this with bagseed only, i would just take the chance on waisted time on some seed i paid for) is to put the seeds in a cup of PHed water let them soak for at least 6 hours, longer if you can and the ones at the bottom are alive and the floater(shake them around and give them a little more time) are dead.

    Hope this helps....

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    The color of the seeds does not determine the plants sex..

    apasunee Well-Known Member

    this just me but,,,, the first 12 seeds,, bagweed,,, all came up,, all female,,and one happy grower,, again,,,thats just me, and I think I just got lucky,,, next grow 8 seeds,, 6 female, 2 male,, although I do hear alot about ratios + males, I havent seen it,,,,, and hopefully never........................

    1puff2puff3puff Well-Known Member

    Sweet result, you definately have a green/lucky thumb!!!

    apasunee Well-Known Member

    I hear ya,,, dont wanna go messin with that,,, I tread lightly............

    1puff2puff3puff Well-Known Member

    I would have clones the hell out of those bitches and got me some seeds... Did you??

    EarthlyPassions Well-Known Member

    I've also been lucky with my bagseed. I only just now started flowering them, so I don't know gender. But, They've all sprouted.
    I germinate mine in a cup of water first though, I let them soak till a root comes out. If no root comes I let it sit in the cup till it becomes fuzzy. Then I flush it.
    I put the seed in the starter tray of soil squares root down and they usually sprout overnight. Lately since the cold weather has come in my newest ones sprout, then shrivel. It sucks, so I've stopped planting for a while.

    darkage Active Member

    I haven't had any problems germinating bagseed, i just normally keep the largest white seeds and dispose of the brown ones ... Has anyone germinated with good results with the brown seeds, i'll keep um if thats the case ... i just remember being younger and hearing if ya ever grow ... use the white seeds ... "Just wanna know the facts" ... thats why the subject's brown vs white ... :mrgreen:

    eklectik Well-Known Member

    I have never heard of anyone ever keeping, germinating, or growing anything from the white ones, but that's just me. Nothing beats a big fat mature brown.

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    If you could simply get 100% females just by looking at the seed. What would be the point of feminized seeds?

    Extrusion Active Member


    eklectik Well-Known Member

    You learn something new every day....:)

    Tokesalot Well-Known Member

    4/5 seeds were female for me.

    none of them looked the same.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    white seeds are immature. plain and simple.:blsmoke:





    1puff2puff3puff Well-Known Member

    Like i said, and you cant tell the sex from a seed....

    tokeythebear Well-Known Member

    i just planted 8 bag seeds all were brown and look good so far

    darkage Active Member


    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    i was taught to use the brown tiger striped seeds, my hippie frnd gave me a tip, said to veg 17\3\1\3. i tried it and 4 outta 4 were female... only tried it once so it could have been luck but next time i grow from seed i will try it again but that will be awhile:blsmoke:

    darkage Active Member

    cool deal, i happen to have about 20-30 that are the "tiger shark" type seeds ... my first grow is still going on but i'm gonna be germinating some more real soon as only one hasn't shown signs of sex yet an is the last one standing .... I'll try the tiger striped seeds next an see what happens ... it all begins from seed, so more info i got .. better off my grows could be .. The first grow i used the largest white since with the info i had i thought they were the best choice ... GAH, was i wrong.

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