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    I purchased a rosin press and am wondering what bags are you guys using? What micron are you using for flower, how about sugar trim? Which specific bags are you using?

    thanks all

    GrandfatherRat Active Member for supplies.

    95 micron for flower

    25 micron for bubble

    Using a 12 ton standing arbor press and @cleanextractions plates, 3" I think.

    Just getting into the rosin game, so interested to see what others are using.

    linky Well-Known Member

    I purchased one of these, good price I feel overall, could probably build one for 1/2 or less the cost just like it but I feel its more than a fair price for ready to go out of the box.

    I wonder where the line is of diminishing returns when it comes to pressure. This is a 1 ton, how much more product can you squeeze out with a 12 ton over a 1 ton I wonder. Could probably without to much trouble buy a harbor freight 20 ton and use these 5 x 3 plates and pid temperature controller on it if I wanted in the future.
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    I have a 10 ton press and don't press over 4 ton. I haven't seen that adding any more pressure produces more yield. I also try to remember that temp. changes under pressure. 100 degrees under 4 ton of pressure is different from 100 degrees at barometric or atmospheric pressure. Although I think 20 ton is way overkill, 1 ton might also be under powering your setup. If my math is right, that's only 300 psi on a 3x5 plate.

    In terms of bags, I'm using a range of Rosin Revolution bags. I also just started using Rosin Tech Products stitchless bags (they call them seamless, but they're really not). I've only tried the 73 micron (for flower and kief), but I like them a lot...and even though I still get occasional blowouts under 4 ton, I'm seeing less wastage in the seems.

    wsntme Well-Known Member

    I do not use any bags. I just prepress my material into a puck using an emptpy pill bottle and a 200g calibration weight. If I'm going to press something like kief or bubble I just used a section of a coffee filter (removed as much excess filter as possible).

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    Aeroknow Well-Known Member

    Korlor420 silk bags
    37 micron for kief and bubble, 160 for nug runs.
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    ondoogyob Well-Known Member

    Hey, I just looked at that press and it seems like a good deal. You'd pay close to that for the plates alone. No doubt you could also have someone create an adapter for it, if you ever wanted to move the plates to another press (with a round ram). This shop in Arizona makes some nice looking presses and plates. A 6/8 ton unit with 6" round plates can be configured for $520.
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