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Bag seed to good weed through trial and error.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by avier101, Mar 14, 2011.


    avier101 Member

    I have grown bag seed weed from day one. I like the science I put into the grows. I would say 95% of the time the smoke is really good. Only because of the method I use to ween out the bad from the good. I have had a few plants that grew to be ok smoke, but most of the time it comes out really good. I could not afford to buy seeds from a seed bank. The money you spend and then there is a chance that the seeds will not make it through customs. That happened to my friend. He paid over a hundred dollars for some seeds online. A few weeks later instead of getting his seeds in the mail he got a paper from customs saying that they took them because they are not aloud to be imported. That sucks! [​IMG] So I started from bag seed. I kept growing until I found the perfect plant. Then I just kept cloning that plant. I dont care about a name. If the plant looks amazing and it tastes excellent, and gets my mind right, then I found a keeper. I have about 6 mother plants now. I have no idea what the "name" of them are. I just know if they are indica, sativa or a mix of the two. Out of the six mothers there could be two plants with the same genetics. I have no idea. All I do know is I have six mother plants that will continue to provide me with the best smoke I have ever had. I still take bag seeds from friends that find them in only good weed. It is like hitting the lotto. Out of an ounce of top shelf smoke you might be lucky to find one seed. So when my friends find them they give them to me and I give it a go. I always take a few clones of the new plants just in case its a winner. If it is not a winner then I give up on that plant and go on to the next one. I find it fun and theraputic. It calms me down and gives me something to do and something to look forward to. Plus I like taking random seeds and sorting them from good to bad. Its fun. I look at it like a antique hunter. They go around and take things no-one else wants at the moment, they polish them up and sell them to people. That is a little like what I do. I hunt through all the seeds that would be just thrown in the garbage any-way and find the good smoke through tedious work. Its fun and I have learned a lot from what I do. I would never buy seeds off a website. There are too many seeds everywhere just waiting to be saved. If I save them and they come out good I am happy. If I try some seeds and they just turn out to be regular old weed I give it to people. The good smoke stays with me. Sorry, but all the work I put into what I do, I must reap the rewards. Grow on comrades. Do it the best way you know how and dont stop. Its like the prohibition erra for marijuana right know. Its illegal to grow or posses in many states even for medical purpose still. But even in the 20's when alcohol was illegal people still brewed away. The illegalization of alcohol created more problems than legalization did. Same thing with marijuana. I just hope some day the politicians see legalization as the only answer to a problem that should have never been. :finger: to the people that think that such a beautiful plant can be such a monster.:leaf::clap:
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    HTBlind Member

    You have any ways to tell whether the seeds are feminized or not before you plant? Or have you just gone through trial-and-error hoping for the best?

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    The odds of growing mind blowing smoke from bagseed is not good. There is a chance you run across a bag of a seeded good smoke, but most of the time, seeded weed is grown outdoors from shitty strains, left unattended until harvest, with a little thc value. If you get a seed from a plant like that, i don't care what your science is, you are not going to improve the genetics. What you are describing is getting lucky with a bagseed and cloning the hell out of it. That doesn't mean you are still growing bagseed.... Go ahead and keep obtaining seeds from bags... you'll grow much more shit than you will treasure..

    avier101 Member

    I have been doing this for over five years. Yes, I have no idea if the seed will be any good in the end. But over the years I have came across six keepers out of hundreds. Serapis you are 100% corrrect. You can not grow bud with a 25% THC content out of a seed that came from compressed dirt weed. Its scientificly impossible. I have grown hundreds of plants and only got six that I have kept and keep growen from. Another five years and I might only get another 2,3,4 or six really good plants. Its just a tedious method of weening out the bad smoke from the good smoke. For example. My one friend smokes weed and everytime he finds a seed he throws it into a bag. Last week he bought a bag a purple haze, then a bag a sour D, then a bag of white widow, and a few bags of regs. Out of the first three mentioned he wil be lucky to find two or three seeds out of them. But the regs he will find a boat load. The problem is the seeds are all mixed together. I then germinate all the seeds and go through the process. The odds are I will only come up with the regs not the white widow. Thats why doing this for five years I have only got 6 good plants. It takes patience lots of patience. But I think it is fun. If you dont Serapis, I could care a less. Serapis there is this channel on TV called current. They have a show called Vangaurd. They had a two part series about how marijuana is being grown in the United States and Mexico. Believe me the farmers take good care of the plants. They come familes that have been growen weed for generations. They are unbelievabley good at growen. They pick out the males from the females. Top the plants and certain LST methods. They have guys that stay in the fields all season long. They never leave. People bring them thier food and water. One of the guys can look over a seed and tell if it is a male or female seed. He was correct 95% of the time. How he did it I have no idea, but he did it. They tested the weed and it had a THC level of 21%. If I am correct that is a very high level. They take great care of thier fields. I dont take seeds from compressed brick weed that has sat on a boat for 3 months then on a truck for a few weeks and then a ware house were rats and mice piss all over the stuff. I take bag seeds I know came from decent regs or top shelf weed. I know what I am doing. This site is getting crazy. You talk about something and people just try to make you look stupid. Thats why marijuana will never be legalized because most, not all, people that smoke have no unity. If you do not like what I write then ignore it. If I say something that is totaly incorrect then correct me with the correct information and do it politely. People do not have to be assholes. I have grown 6 mind blowing plants. I went on a fishing expedition and it took me 5 years to find 6 big fish. What I do can not be done over night. It takes time and dedication. So if you can not take the heat Serapis get the hell out the kitchen. You can do it your way and I can do it mine. If I did not like what I do I would change it. I like doing it my way because it is fun. I could go the easy route and buy some seeds that might not get through customs. For me there would be no fun in that and I would be pissed if the feds got my seeds. Where I live we can not go and buy some clones a few blocks away. All we have is seeds from the internet or bag seeds. My method has paid off and if you lived anywhere close to me you would be smoking my shit. We could smoke a bong together. Thats how it should be. I have met some really nice people on this site. But sadly most if not all of them are not on this site anymore because they got tired of the know-it-alls putting them down. I am starting to feel the same way. It should not be like that. If you have nothing positive to say to someone then keep your fingers from typing.
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    ditchweed Member

    Im all with you avier dont let anyone mess with your game. You are doing the right thing man keeping the spirit alive. I myself am able to only get reg seeds out of compressed dirt weed. Most of what I get is crushed and very few viable seeds so what i get i nurture and make it the best it can be. Not killer with some "NAME" but definately better than the original and it works for me. Power to the people. This gov't is too big and people that ain't hurting anyone should be left alone!!
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    Serapis Well-Known Member

    He should put the rarer seeds aside... Ask him to keep those in a match box or something. :)

    Sciεncε Active Member

    I had 2 or 3 seeds from a bag of "Sour 60" I got a while back. Some nice smoke, I wish I could find em now =\

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't call a seed from a known strain 'bagseed', regardless of how it was obtained. Bagseed generally refers to schwag weed seed. If you find one seed in an ounce, chances are extremely high that if you grow it and get a fem, it will be potent shit. If you buy an ounce and get 400 seeds, good luck with all of that.... they'll be shit weed....

    Sensisansei Member

    Guys let us not forget the chemdawg lineage found in one pound of bud 17 years ago! I have been breeding marijuana for the past four years and simply put one of my favorites is from bag seed. This is no ordinary bag though. The connection was insane. Other than that i just have backcrossed to stabilize what i have called Pink lady Kush! No relation to Subs as far as i know! Dont doubt bag seed but always strive for the best genetics as i have been blessed with all the genetics ive come across and been gifted. In our community we shouldnt ever knock wh at one person does just because it isnt the way we do it. If that were the case there would be nothin but avrage weed everywhere. I have made some hybrids that people rolled their eyes at originally but after i found the proper pheno and backcrossed to an f3 the begged me for 1 clone or seed! Just remember its not 100% skill there is some lusk involved. Depending on how it was grown cured and packaged you may be able to grow some chronic!?! Peace SENSI

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    I dont agree Serapis, I think the upper limit for THC production is determined by genetics, so regardless of whether it was shit weed or not, you could you have a plant with AMAZING genetic potential.
    smoke n strum

    smoke n strum Active Member

    Awesome post bro, I am doing a grow right now with bagseed. some of my seeds have been in my stash can for years...not refrigerated or anything. Now mykids are out on their own and i have a chance to grow and im about 5 weeks in since trying to germ the first ones. here is a pic of the best looking one. wish me luck..sns rep+ bro good post.:leaf:

    farmersmurf Active Member

    Blah blah blah, listen growing pot is totally fun I couldnt agree with you more!!
    If you want to revert the planted seeds back to original plants, (please don't be confused!!) then you need to grow the seed and take a clone.
    take the clone and grow that as a mother plant. take cuttings from this clone and it should be reverted back to the original plant. chromosome after chromosome blah blah blah yada yada yada. you catch my drift? this post is old and stuff but, im bored so I answered.
    1. take a seed and grow it until you can take a cutting (we'll call the seed "plant Z", and the cutting " B" ).
    2. after the cutting is established "plant B", then take a cutting from" plant B"
    3. The cutting you take from "plant B" will be the original form of the seed(which we can then call " plant A "). If the seed"Z" had certain characteristics that you dont find growing the seed straight out from veg to flower, it will if you follow these steps!
    in other words you grow seed "Z" you take a cutting from it. the cutting becomes "plantB". you take a cutting from "plantB"and the cutting becomes the original plant the seed came from "plantA". however plant 'A" must be flowered and seeded so it reverts back to the plant "seedZ" came from!
    just my 0.02¢
    I agree pot is alot of fun. the best part is watching things grow I think. shrug* have a good one!
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    BagSeedBoy Well-Known Member

    There are risks when growing BagSeed ( a seed found in a bag or jar of herb you bought or were given etc.) namely hermies & using up resources & space on bunk bud. Some people are cool with that me being one of them. I do a bag seed run about once a year and have had very few hermies & have found a few jems & quite a few that can hold their own. Now a days all of my bagseeds are Kush of some sort, A++ Herb So I know the "potetial" is there. The delema is "Who's the Daddy" ? I've gotten kush that was heavly seeded (all indoor) got like 30+ beans. Grew em out & never saw one hermie, A grade herb. If you know the risks & accept em then run it homie:) Males arnt evil either they're needed!....PEACE..BsB
    smoke n strum

    smoke n strum Active Member

    hmmmm? +rep could be bs, but how wood i know... thAnks bra

    dababydroman Well-Known Member

    i grow bagseed myself, you should give a shot at breeding, you could probably make something crazy out of combineing the genetics of the six keepers you found.
    i myself bred my own seeds last year from select bagseeds i collected.

    paultruckee Active Member

    i have grown some of the best weed from bagseed but it was not just dirt weed, I was lucky enough to find those seeds in larger bags, and I weened out the males and went on to flower them, before i flipped over to 12/12 i took clones from the healthiest looking ones. I ran with these strains for 3-4 harvests with great results. The trick is cloning the best phenotype and keeping it around. I was lucky enough to never get a hermie out of it. due to lack of time now i buy clones, it is expensive but i enjoy knowing what i am getting exactly opposed to going the longer, riskier way. good thread buddy have fun with your project.

    farmersmurf Active Member

    Seems like to me I read that somewhere what I posed. Its alot of work (not really) to getting back to original plant. NO DISRESPECT to your post bro you just love weed we all do im just not smoking right now or plan to grow for awhile but this forum is keeping me occupied so I don't care! Anyway, yeah it's a little work to getting back to the mother plant I read up on growing pot for ten years before I ever grew it. I was so afraid of getting caught, or becoming an epic fail at it. My first plant I grew was 6 ft tall. I used 10-10-10 and I thnk 20-20-20. But the ratio that is setup for nutes specifically for pot are WAAY better. I pullled my plant to early but I bet the buds would have been something. They were all swole up and crazy looking. Anyway, try it my way I "think" im right. Look it up and researc some. You have to clone several times before returning bak to the mother plant it may only be two clones just search the web I BET YOU wILL find it!

    farmersmurf Active Member

    You might not even have to flower the last plant, but maybe if you do it is a new strain I forgot but bet if I wa growing I would know haha kind of like explaining directions are better when your driving type of thing haha! later bro!

    BudDub Active Member

    Wait is that right? I was under the impression that if you grow from seed you have plant 'A' and any cuttings you take from plant 'A' would still be plant 'A' because cuttings are the same genetics from the same plant and cuttings can keep on going without genetics every changing. Sooo which is it? Anyone else with knowledge on that?
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    WestAussie Active Member

    No he's wrong, as you well spotted.

    If a plant (plant A) gives you 200 seeds or more, none of them are genetically the same. It's all thanks to meiosis. That's the point of sexual reproduction. Even feminised seeds are different from one another. They are a randomised combination of the parent's(') DNA.

    So when you plant a seed from Plant A, that we will call Plant B, any clone you take from Plant B will still be cultivar (variety) Plant B. You can't go back, really, 'cause the DNA has been recombined. Any seed from Plant B will be Plant C or any other name you chose to give it. Just not Plant A or B.

    Highschool biology. :-)
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