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Bag of bud got wet

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by r4inm4n, Jan 14, 2008.


    r4inm4n Active Member

    i have this huge ass bag of bud i got stoned today and washed the pants i was wearing and forgot to take out the bag and my weed got all wet in the washer, it sucks. whats the quickest way to dry this out. cuz ima need some tree to smoke tomorrow lol!:joint:

    HopelessSinner Active Member

    now you have a real pair of Stoned washed jeans.


    DWR Well-Known Member

    open it... leave it for about 4 hours :D or put ontop of a pc with a iece of paper....

    r4inm4n Active Member

    yeah, I left the bag folded down all night with the buds open to air flow, seemed like they dried up a little bit but not too much, oh well ill smoke it anyway. less coughing, i mixed some seeds a freiend gave into the bag and they got wet as well, i was going to use them to grow as soon as i get my supplies. should i start growing them now where they got wet or will it be ok to wait about a week on them.

    urinmyrice Well-Known Member

    wouldnt you taste soap??

    anywhere311 Well-Known Member

    put it behind ur fridge theres dry air that comes out of the back threw those coils

    FaCultGen Well-Known Member

    you will taste soap and possibly softiner too...you will not want to smoke it... trust me i have personal experiance... but take a good wiff of it and see how it smells... GL


    r4inm4n Active Member

    I dont taste either. it was a huge bag is why i was worried about it. but all in all i left it out until it felt damp tried to smoke a jammy and it wouldnt burn. before the buds were really hard and pressed. but now they are so puffy and easy to break up. mmm kinda reminds me of some buds a friend had in high school we called it polly weed lol one of a kind :)

    kimmyp75 Active Member

    i accidentaly washed a big bag of weed too and it was my boyfriends:?
    hahaha anyways he was gonna put it in the oven to see if it would dry it out but i dont knoww..

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