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Backyard growing

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Stealing, Jun 6, 2008.


    Stealing Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I am looking to grow outdoors for several reasons... Greater potency, less electricity cost, kinda self growing - you know?

    Well anyway, I live in an urban area, I can walk for an hour in any direction, and not be in any open space, or wilderness of some sort to grow my pot. So the only choice I have is to grow in my backyard. I am a little sketched about this one, it could easily be seen by neighbours, upper windows. I mean I do have a perfect spot for it, my backyard is surrounded by a fence (about 4-5 feet tall), and there is a big tree blocking some sight to my backyard.

    I want to grow one afghani plant outdoor (stays quite short and looks more like a bush). I was wondering if there is anything I could plant on either side of it to conceal it better...? Plus any tips on keeping the smell down, or tips to conceal it better?

    Thanks guys in advance.
    Willie North

    Willie North Well-Known Member

    Well there is lots of great plants out their that you could use to disguise your plant.
    Ill name a few for you that you can look up the picture and more info.

    - Delphinium, 3 - 9 Feet, Sun for half day, Keep out of high winds.
    - Foxtail Lily, 2 - 4 Feet, Full Sun.
    - Goatsbeard, 2 - 5 Feet, Part Shade, Small root system.
    - Liatris, 24- 36 Inches, Light shade to sun.
    - Lupin, 15 - 36 Inches, Sun to half shade.

    Hope that helps man :)

    yamahaman91 Active Member

    i always wanted to try tapping/tying fake flowers to the pot plants:hump: that would probably work.

    coolman1a Well-Known Member

    Dam i cant believe no ones every done this b4, sounds like a really good idea:-)

    teapot45 Active Member

    tie fake yellow flowers around it and fake straw berries on, thats wat i do 2 my plant, because wild strawberry plants leaves actually look lik marijuana leave they hav the leaves of 5 7 and 9, srry yamahaman91 and coolman1a that plan is already in action and it does work, my 50 year old neighbor has no clue and shes a nosey bitch she just thinks that i love my strawberry plant just as much as my dog. lmao!!!!

    vcrew.gambit Well-Known Member

    I know lots of people who grow in/around bamboo. Blends in really well, plus, who doesn't like bamboo?

    (I hear pandas can be kind of a pest, though)

    panselmo1989 Well-Known Member

    Damn pandas..

    Stealing Well-Known Member

    Haha, funny! But also a great idea. this could possibly work..?

    Darque Active Member

    Hahahahaha smooth, i have neighbors who keep there heads down, but i used to at my old house have this nosey woman on our deck, looking our windows and shit

    Stealing Well-Known Member

    I put her outside, after germing, shes starting to grow, already at the second or third set of leaves. I will put some plants beside her(nettles if I can get ahold of, or maybe just sunflowers on either side. So I will create a grow journal of this next grow aswell, and keep you guys posted. This is my current grow: http://www.rollitup.org/grow-journals/56403-my-third-grow-afghan-weed.html

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