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background check + medical marijuana card

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by mr.bond, Oct 18, 2011.


    mr.bond Well-Known Member

    if you have a medical marijuana card, will this show up on a background check?

    thanks for your input

    themanwiththeplan Well-Known Member

    well it matters on where/how you got your rec. if its strictly through a doctor then no. if you opt for the thing to be listed in some state registry then probably so.
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    RollMeOne420 Active Member

    yes like theman stated if your doctor referred it than no because that is between patient and provider, if you went out and sign to get on a list and said its for your "glaucoma" then it probably will
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    mr.bond Well-Known Member

    i got it thru a doctor. was just curious if they have to report it to any gov't. institutions or anything. thanks for the feedback fellas!


    d.s.m. Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you're all good. The only people that need to worry about that shit are the ones that paid money to register with the county.

    labudman Member

    It's rather sad that the "voluntary" program is the one that gets people on a list! The way they make it sound here in LA, is like by being part of the ID program, you're safer, but in reality you're much better off only having a rec and that little card they offer when you first sign up!

    ksnug Member

    When/why would people end up on some sort of government list? What;s the difference between just getting a rec and putting yourself on the list?

    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    The County list is supposed to keep you good with Local LOE but you end up being on a government list. The other is just a card stating that you are a MMJ patient. It's all up to the arresting officer unfortunately. :(

    Micobfsb Member

    While I want to agree with the general consensus does anyone have any facts rather than speculation? Im interested in becoming a nurse and there are heavy background checks associated with this field, and I would like to know.

    lostNug Well-Known Member

    Yes I know for a fact that it wont. Its like ur doctors records. Only to be seen by u and ur doc. Private to everyone else.

    It would be like checking to see if have gone to the doctor to get a physical/priscription.

    So don't register with state/county and ur good to go.

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    Disclaimer -- this information assumes you are a CA MMJ patient.

    Here you go, no need for speculation you will find the information regarding the voluntary nature of the program here:

    Physicians have a terrific lobby, to bad nurses don't, and the patient/doctor relationship is sacrosanct. Further with HIPAA I can't imagine the trouble the physician would be in if they leaked medical records without your permission.

    The licensure screen isn't the one to worry about. The real worry is you will still have to pass pre-employment, random and for cause drug screens your entire career.

    zornick Member

    This is a very useful thread - thanks for all the info.

    Can anyone advise me on CA government rules for medical use among outside contractors/consultants?

    I'm considering getting a script or card b/c it's been very helpful for my anxiety & asthma but I am a grad student working toward acquiring several consulting opportunities with CA state gov't and I don't want to shoot my future in the foot.

    cooknsmoke Active Member

    I am sorry but most of you are misinformed! No, it will not be on your background check.

    MacGuyver4.2.0 Well-Known Member

    Not sure of the 'laws' in CA regarding the MMJ cards other than what has been posted in links in this thread so far. There has been alot of talk however about the mess they made here in CO with the MMJ registry, it could easily happen there in CA, mark my words. The state had a 'database' that was a stand alone computer not connected or networked to other systems, and the information on patients was supposed to be private and confidential according to our state constitution. With all the B.S. bills they recently passed, however, the system is now open 24/7 to LEO's and word is it was also shared with the DHS as well. HIPA? Not a chance. I ould contact someone at your CDPHE to verify all facts first! Good luck!

    cooknsmoke Active Member

    The only one I agree with is you. Co and Ca registry system is based on the same concept. Actually Co copycat Ca. Federal agencies have certain juristrictions to access those database due to the fact that state registry only protect within their own state laws and federal juristrictions (if they want) can trumph any state information laws given that it does not violate federal law. So to answer the topic about background checks under the state card program, most likely the patient information is protected under their state health and safety code. Most of the misinformed are scared to get the state card because they feel that they are being under the radar from the law enforcements. If they read their state laws more carefully, they will know that it will be more beneficial to get that card than it is to not. The only thing that the card cannot protect is the feds. There are certain protection under the state card that the rec card does not provide. This topic has been discussed many times before so use the search function to research more on this topic to empower and protect thy self!

    d.s.m. Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna call bullshit on this. I can't think of anything more foolish than spending one's hard-earned money to add one's name to a government list of pot smokers.
    The Midnight Gardener

    The Midnight Gardener New Member

    Most background checks are bullshit if they are done by a private company. The background checks that you have to be concerned about are the ones the DOJ and FBI run. If you have felony in one state and live in a different state, 99% of the time your felony will not show up on a background check that is performed by a private company unless you admit on the form that you resided in the state where you caught your felony. If the same thing happens and it is a doj or fbi check, they will find it every time, regardless of what you tell them.
    The Midnight Gardener

    The Midnight Gardener New Member

    There is no "central mmj regisrty" in Ca. Period. Anyone that says otherwise is misinformed. What there is, is a registry kept by each dispensary and it is NOT connected to any "centralized" database. Period.

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    Precisely, there are individual county health department registries where patients can voluntarily sign up but why would you? Assuming I did not pay with my insurance in which case the insurance co has a right to ICD9 coding info for billing purposes, if a physician in CA submits information about me to a central database that is not a mandated reporting type issue with either the public health system or the CDC I just hit the lotto.

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