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Baby plants and a 125W CFL. How Close?

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Mr Green Man, Apr 3, 2008.

    Mr Green Man

    Mr Green Man Well-Known Member


    Am am just about to plant 10 seeds and put them under the light and i'm wondering how close it should be to the plants?

    125W CFL 6500k

    Lovely light and it is in a "Dutch Barn" reflector in a very small closet so it's pretty damn bright.

    Any other addvice aprshated,
    I am currently searching for info about this stage of growth as I have always grown from clones befor now.
    I am going to use Rapid Rooter plugs in small pots and fill around the plugs with perlight and vermiculight. Later I will transplant into hempy buckets.
    I have had good results with other plants using this system, but never tryed it with my faverat herb.

    Any way thanks.

    hookedonhydro Active Member

    If your gonna germinate ten seeds u gonna need more than one light i have a computer tower grow box, 2 plants n im using 4 cfls 55w each lights are equal to 250watts.

    bigd921 Well-Known Member

    good luck with the hempy buckets I have a couple going right now they are doing great

    growtosmoke831 Active Member

    Just monito the temp at the leaftops and get a fan going you really dont need the light very close while there rooting but when they start to veg you will need more light like Hook said
    Mr Green Man

    Mr Green Man Well-Known Member

    Never mind that equal to 250Watts that doens't mean anything. It is just number put on a bulb to help it sell. 55W CFLs are good for vegging.

    This room is just for germing.

    5 will go to a freind

    I will keep five untill they are old enough to micro sex,
    I will get rid of the mails/weak plants.
    Probably have 2 left, I will pick the best to use as a mouther plant and keep her under the 125W CFL.
    I have a 400MH for Veg and 400HPS for Flowering.

    I have never used this light for seedlings so i'm not sure how close I should leave it.

    I know
    3 Feet for MH
    2 inch for Florow Strips

    But the CFL is somewhere between these, just wondering if anyone has used such a light for seedlings and how close was good for them?

    Thanks for all your addvice and tips.

    Woomeister Well-Known Member

    I have used a 250 watt for seedlings and kept about 3-4 inches away and they grew outward not upward, just what you want. From my experience you do no harm to them however close you get ,most harm is done when they are too far away!!
    Mr Green Man

    Mr Green Man Well-Known Member

    Cool so just as close as I can get it.


    KillaKat Active Member

    check out my grow for inspiration
    Mr Green Man

    Mr Green Man Well-Known Member

    will do, post me a link?

    KillaKat Active Member

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