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Azomite vs Diatomaceous Earth for Fungus Gnats

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Underground Scientist, Feb 14, 2018.

    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member


    I use Azomite in my soil. Can i top dress against fungus gnats...or should I get a bag of Diatomaceous Earth. I know their similar...but...

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    I had fungus gnats on a house plant a while back, the soil came with them. Honestly they didn't give two shit's about the diatomaceous earth. I finally used some harsh chemicals that you don't want on your weed. I would like to know what can be used for future reference.

    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    Ive have used gnat nix in addition to neem and peppermint soap spray weekly just on the top of the soil and I havent had any bug issues. Now I do grow within a pretty contained area but still bugs are bugs and they will find your babies. But I have not had any issues with pests while using gnat nix along with neem and peppermint soap spray. and of course a nice breeze on the plants and great air circulation and keeping the grow space very clean...

    Gnat Nix: http://growstone.com/the-goods/gnat-nix-fungus-gnat-control/
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    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    I use DE and Neem. I top dress.

    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    Canadain Closet Gardener

    Canadain Closet Gardener Well-Known Member

    It took a few weeks but they are gone
    I used mosquito dunks, neem oil spray, top dressed with neem seed meal, yellow sticky traps, Diatomaceous earth and nematodes.
    I think I killed them all.
    I still do preventive measures. I think you need to do a combo of everything or just nuke your plants with poison.

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    I finally found the answer last year. amazon sells microbe lift mosquito control, its biologic safe and frikken works. I put a drop in a gallon of water and apply a splash at ever watering =they've been gone since last year. It also rid my garden of occasional thrips.

    a real no brainer just do it. 20 bucks treats like 5000 gallons of water.
    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    Applying Azomite definately hurt the population. The sticky traps held them at bay.

    I think this will be the finishing blow. A layer of Gnat Nix at 16oz cup full per 1 Tbsp of Diatomaceous Earth. Added a bit of water and mixed it well. Coated the media surface.

    IMG_20180223_212759523.jpg IMG_20180223_212808791.jpg

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