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Average Yield?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ogdoad, Mar 14, 2010.


    ogdoad Member

    OK this is pretty basic. If one is growing organic in soil, what can be expected in terms of yield per plant. Let's assume the grower is competent and that he is growing a strain that is known as a "good producer". Assume further that the grower is employing every possible technique to produce high yield + high quality.

    I've heard that if one is doing everything right one can expect yields of 7 to 8 oz per plant in an indoor grow using sol. In my experience 4 to 5 oz per plant is more like it, but I'm still learning. Oh and I use 3 gallon pots, 10 to 12 plants at a time with 2 1000w HPS lights. Environmental factors are near perfect. So I'm wondering if a third light and better/different nutrients would possibly get me to the 7-8 oz zone.

    Thanks for your input, it may help me decide if it's worth it to go hydro instead of soil. Peace.

    2beanklm Active Member

    dude i think your setting your goals pretty high. unless your growqing some hugh plants i don't think you'll see much over 2 oz per plant.

    CLOSETGROWTH Well-Known Member

    I completely agree, unless your a seasoned grower with a 1k light, light mover, Co2, and running hydroponics. ;-)

    westhamm1132 Active Member

    i think you shold expect 0.8g-1.4g per watt if you know what your doing 1000g per plant is possible with a very long veg time so thats what i would aim for. if you aim for 1kg and omly get a lb thats still a good thing the higher you aim the more you will get but probs wont reach the targate.

    00smokey Active Member

    1.4 g per watt? Are you stupid or what?
    A kg per plant on an inside grow, now i know you are very thick.

    Learn how to grow before giving out these stipid comments.

    ImTheFireMan Well-Known Member

    ive gotten 6 ounces out of 2 plants with a 600w hps in a small closet with soil.

    now i have a larger room and i aim for an ounce per plant and usually end up with 35-40grams per plant with 2x600w hps in a hydro drip system.
    i'm really bias towards hydro. soil was a pain for me because it was messy and attracted bugs easily.

    2x1000w is plenty for 12 plants.

    depending on how long you let them veg, you could probably get about 3-6. thats what i would aim for.

    ogdoad Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I read somewhere when I first took up growing that you could expect between 1/4 lbs to 1/2 lbs per plant indoors. From what I can tell I guess I should be happy to get 1/4 lbs or about 4 oz per plant indoors in soil. I guess hydroponics is the answer if you want more production/yield...

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    3 gallon buckets............in soil..................and you want to get 7 to 8 z's a plant??

    I don't think fdd could do that.........and he sucks at growing them indoors.

    4 z's per plant? No way. Maybe in 2 years. I bet you don't get more than 1.5 z's per plant in a 3 gallon bucket. 2 if fdd doesn't help you ;-)

    4 week veg with a topping or 2 will give you about 1 to 2 z's per plant with almost any strain. Bigger buckets and longer veg will give you what you want. Maybe an 8 week veg and 10 gallon buckets would get you 7 to 8 z's per. But then you can't fit as many as you would want.

    good luck

    DoeEyed Well-Known Member

    From what I've seen, most growers achieve between .5 to .75g per watt of light, to give you an idea what to expect. The magic number everyone tries to reach, is 1g per watt.

    doublejj Well-Known Member


    Johnou833 Active Member

    If you want a high yield forget soil and use Coco, Specifically Canna coco, 10-12 Plants under 2 1K lights I'd exspect around 4 oz a plant if done correctly. possbly more.

    ogdoad Member

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