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Autos Very Slow - Rain??

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by bottleman, Mar 6, 2018.


    bottleman New Member

    Hey there,
    Second timer here - so pretty fresh.

    I am doing an outdoor grow (autumn here), and the amount of rain has been phenomenal. inches and inches over the past few weeks, and as an outdoor grower w/o a green house there isnt much I can do about that.

    Good for all the established plants (non mary in the garden) but my seedlings seem to have copped it.

    Im growing Moby Dick, Ak47 and a Tangerine Dream.

    All 3 have a good perlite soil mix - the Moby is in the largest pot (5 gallon) the AK/Tang is in 3 Gallon Pots. All with lots of peat, Perlite, Vermuculite and minimum nutrients. I did add some very light ferts and some lime on the very bottom layer of the moby and the Ak. Drainage is excellent.

    So what is happening? The Moby sprouted on the 12th of Last month and this is it today.:

    Moby Dick - so small for 25 days - leaves are whitening and touches of purple?


    Ak47 (jack 47 Auto)- The healthiest of the lot, around 2.5 weeks


    Tangerine Dream Auto - Copped it the worst, around 1.5 weeks, moved out in the rain when it was very heavy overnight. I think its lost, one leaf fell off?


    The pics make all these look even more white than they are. Just so much rain. But I am just wondering - is this way too slow for autos (especially the moby) and are there any tips/rainbows in site of these improving?

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