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autos not flowering and they are over 4 weeks old

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by bubbabear, Mar 17, 2012.


    bubbabear Member

    I misplaced the calendar I wrote the actual date on, but I'm sure its closer to 5 weeks now. I remember due date should have been 2nd week of april. Thats 4 weeks away and only one plant shows anything. Based on my previous experience, I do not believe it is botanically possible to grow complete buds ready for harvest in only 4 weeks. It just doesnt seem possible. Is this what they nortmally do? They are auto AK's from marijuana-seeds dot nl. They otherwise look great (IMO) but should I do something? I had them under 24hr light until about 3 days ago when I set a timer for 18hrs.

    Should I be patient and keep them at 18?
    should I reduce to 12hr?

    I got these just to have something blooming while I built my new room, it looks to me like I should have gone ahead with my premium beans . . . when I find the camera ill post some photos . . .
    joliet jake

    joliet jake Active Member

    In my opinion if they haven't started to flower on their own by now I would be putting them under 12-12 lighting.
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    bubbabear Member

    thanks joliet - thats what I thought too, but i was hoping to run more hours of light for better buds Ha!! might as well I have a couple mazars i could put into bloom with them if I did. Looks like ill be buying smoke for another 2 months . . .any idea what effect 12hr normally has on auto flowers? does it matter? seems like the longer light would grow better buds

    HydroGp Well-Known Member

    Hey bubbabear. I would give them another week. Something might have happened that could have shocked them? 3-4weeks veg dont sound that wrong. Im growing Devils and i believe they showed flowering at day 23 or so. 12/12 on a auto is smashing yield and potency.
    Good Luck
    joliet jake

    joliet jake Active Member

    Well since its not being an auto its not an auto so it will go through the same process that many do here and we bloom in 12-12 light and it usually takes 8 + weeks. Your buds might not be as potent since they are "auto" seeds but now it should give you a nice yield since you can flower it and harvest it under your time lines.

    I dont think more light = better buds at all. I grow just 12-12 from seed and I get great product and yield looks to be good.

    HydroGp Well-Known Member

    In the auto world more light means more potency and yield.. I am not throwing 8hours of 600+ watts out the window :)The only reason i am not going 24/0 is because i believe they do like a little nap.. There are many threads about auto light hours..
    past times

    past times Well-Known Member

    im with hydro on this one. Did you transplant at all? Or did you start the seeds in their final pots?

    parttimer Well-Known Member

    Some genetics do take a bit longer to show. I had some smurfberry that took over 5 weeks, as long as the plant is healthy just keep going with it.
    They are going to take longer than the 8 weeks they advertise but they always take longer anyway. IMHO nothing to worry about.

    bubbabear Member

    Thanks, ok so maybe hold off for a bit and see if things improve. I can do that. These were grown from seed,s, germination rate only 9 of 20 and 8 came up after planting. They really took off too, and seem bigger than other plants the same age. They have the vigor, the ones that did germinate.

    I too like to let them sleep a few hours and usually go with an 18hr cycle for veg, but like I said, if the plant will bloom in 24 or 18 then why not? The advantage was to get some widows and ny deisels going in the same room (vegging) so theud be ready to clone as soon as I got the 24hr closet built.

    I should mention that the seed bank did say that these took the longest to finish of almost every auto, and they felt the result was bigger, denser, more potent buds. 70-75 they said!

    70sdiver Active Member

    Are these afagan kush ryders? If thet are they an take up to 40 days to flower. They yield can be great. Ive averaged 4 ounces a plant.

    blimey Active Member

    Auto ak47's.
    I agree with hydro, I got 1 thats just over 4 weeks and still hasn't shown pistils and I'm not too worried about it. The other 2 seeds from the same pack already showed pistils.
    BTW my smurfberry showed pistils at about 2 weeks.
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    bubbabear Member

    Well. I was under the impression they were "AK-47" auto - but the AK Auto might be "Afghan Kush". I'll go see . . . .(brb) Nope . . .this is what I bought, 20 of them (4 packs) and oly 9 germinated. They did send me another packet of 10 I think (I havent examined them closely, they added them into another order along with some replacements for some other problem seeds I'd ordered last year)


    In all the forums I havent met anyone else who uses this supplier. I'm not sure they are the best people, I only use them because when my old guy got out of the business in Vancouver, I had to fins someone new and sent them a test order to see what happened. The Ice they had was the best anyone around here has ever seen or even heard about. It was even better than the widow, so I orderd more, NONE germinated!! lol I got some new ones as a replacement too but havent soaked them yet. I'll probably start these other autos first. 2 morte paychecks and I'll be off an running, right now im waiting on some lost 240v plugs that are on a truck somewhere . . .

    ddsraver Active Member

    ive had the same problem i bought some
    Ruderalis Indica autos they should have started to flower after 5-7th set of true leaves left them and left them once they had been vegin and got to the 12set of true leaves i fliped them and 11days later started to flower. never had this problem b4 realy confused me. they look health big fan leaves never had fan leaves this big b4 and super bushy 2. just keep them goin u never know what ma happen

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