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Auto's and Leds....? and design has any one tried

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by justugh, Jun 29, 2013.


    justugh Well-Known Member


    love autos .......i am noticing with the set up i have that there is a lower leaf retention problem the higher up i go the more i lost ....in the indoor set up

    i move them outside to see if it could be what they do no it is a light problem .........using cfls to cover the lower lvls work but the air temp gets little higher then i like ........so led could be a possible answer

    has anyone gone out and gotten one of those LED light strips
    82780714.jpg SolidApollo-RED-Kit2-01.jpg

    and then one of those wire cages they use for tomates combined the 2 to give lower light..........or even rigged a grid system like a scrog in the lower sets

    i am looking at a 400watt hps system but the new strain gets up to 100 cms tall or taller and after about 16 18 inchs the light lvls get low unless u rig up side lights ..........the cost of the 400watt plus leds is in my range if i done the heat math correct this would be the best choice if i go t5s and 400 watt i will need to increase both my intake and exhust and that is anouther 200 300 bucks

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    i had one sent to me on accident
    miss shipped
    and there really not that bright they would make ok side lights
    you need to learn how to lst brother then it doesnt matter how tall your plants are or what strain they can all be the same height

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    i have a very small area of usable space vertically so LST comes in very handy i can keep 3' plants under 18-24 inches in overall height
    that 400w led panel will need to be atleast 12-18 inches from your plants to maximize coverage and to keep your plants from toasting
    you can burn them very badly, really easy and its hard to believe how much intensity led's have and the fact that they put off little heat makes it hard to judge how far from your plants to have your light
    HID you put your hand out if it feels hot the lights to close
    led's are trial and error

    your plants are female
    so treat them that way
    bend the bitch over and tie her down ;)

    justugh Well-Known Member

    this is the one i was looking at .......4x4 tent the hood design acording to the reserach is one of the better ones my tent is 105 cfm if i use the booster fan that is 240cfm that should keep the heat low

    still a noob i rather let her do her thing with the good ones and work on skills with bag seeds ( since i started i got to keep it going if i let it stop then the cycle breaks my whole life is a huge balancing act)...this is the second grow if i can pull out 4 oz a plant then i can have a veggie and flower tent ....next time i get the house on the market and convert it (land house goes in dead brothers name )booby trap the bitch( as long as the body falls in the house and not outside it 100% legal ) add insurance and all is good......next 20 years of life is set get rid of a qp a month to buddies and family everything is paided for plus i have a place to do mad sceince ............i want to make hash oil so strong 1 does u for 24 hours ...and a bottle of shine that is so dark and so much thc when u have a shot glass u have to sign a waver so i can not be sued for what happends for the next 3 days

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    just try it on one plant
    and you can thank me later
    if i have to ill buy the bean dammit o_O
    seriously brother you can ignore every thing i say except this
    do you want big yields
    and not have to run 1000w's
    then tie them down it will change everything for the better this i can promise

    justugh Well-Known Member

    if u can write me a out a stoner amish fucker this is how u do it

    i will try it in my little box and run the scrog on the one i have planned ..............i am like most ppl i will read everything i can the stuff that matches up the most i will try

    Autos are my plants i love these girls .......................i do have a photo seed i got to try FDA african sweet (long story short older brother has a buddy works in fda brother did guy a solid the guy gave him 3 prototype seeds from there bank as a thank u )

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    i have a purple haze #1 photo fem going now i forgot how slow they grow

    guest34 Member

    u got mylar up? also i trim some of the lower branches and top most autos ive grown... there deff easy , decent plants for sure.. get some cheap led ufo 90 w lights... i have used them as side lighting before on a 4 plants i had in 35 gallon drums haha... trees i tell you... trees haha :) but they worked great so look into them on ebay...

    justugh Well-Known Member

    i tried the trimming idea it stunted the buds ..........

    i had 4 plants same everything
    plant 6 was topped
    plant 3 and 4 were left alone mostly ....altered the feed some one with more grow for longer then the other one
    plant 5 had a alot of lower yellowing leave so i dead chopped them it effected the buds growth alot ............i will post a pic later today once the sun is little higher in the sky .......the height is almost the same as the other one but the buds are alot behind in the size i can still see stalk compared to other ones witch the top of the stalk is completely covered

    tekdc .......u need to set up the paypal account for the save the auto fund ( or make a auto growing truth book) dispel the myths of the photo snobs

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    lol the $1 to end the cruelty to auto's

    was a sale on 3 gallon mop buckets for $1
    i said it as a joke and kinda liked it
    it makes me sound like a stuck up know it all
    but i kinda like it

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