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Autoflowers...too 12/12 or not too 12/12..that is the question ?

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by NugHunter, Jan 7, 2013.


    NugHunter Active Member

    Basic LED question here that i cant seem to make a solid decision on...what light schedule should auto flowers be on? Some say leave 24/24 or 20/4 all the way through...some say go 18/6 a week after seeing pistols ....some say wait until the rapid "veg" growth slows down at around 45 days and go 12/12? i guess what im looking for is examples of the time schedule you used and the results you had with them...and if you used a few different time schedules during seperate grows what were the results ? What is the most accepted light schedule used by autoflower growers? please give me your opinions?

    NugHunter Active Member

    right now im 10 days into an auto grow going 24/0 so hopefully i can get some good info :)

    thebilliam Member

    I've been on 18/6 with BerryRyder. Ive seen most say more will cause more stretching and less sacrafices yield.
    joe blow greenthumb

    joe blow greenthumb Well-Known Member

    As much light as possible is your goal. An auto doesn't use the dark phase to flower but it Does use sun/light to grow. Try 24/0 and if it doesn't satisfy you then switch to 18/6. Those six hours of dark can help your girls to stretch and gain a little growth.

    ZedsDedBaby Active Member

    see this is the point of autos, no fiddling with lights, lights should not be a problem with automatically flowering cannabis, 24/0 down to 18/6 is good, anything less and you risk yield

    NugHunter Active Member

    ok looks like i will stick with 24/0 and then i guess i will go 18/6 a week or so after i see the first pistils....

    Indagrow Well-Known Member

    i was under the assumption that the roots grow the most in the dark periods, more roots= more bud.. hope that isn't throwing a monkey wrench into the mix

    steveat Active Member

    For autos which light do you use? Do you have to use HPS for flowering or not?

    or do you use MH at the beginning and change to HPS or can you get away with just MH?

    How long do autos grow for before they start to flower? 45 dazsish or sooner? I've seen on packets stating 70 days from seed..so I am assuming thats fast?

    How long should it normally take for a seed to finish flowering for autos?

    NugHunter Active Member

    Hey i was thinking about what you guys said...it sounds like if i went 18/6 to start and then switched to 24/0 it might be better off ...just a thought...wonder if anyone has done this before?
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    it's an auto. give it as much light as u can and let her grow! GL

    pon Active Member

    I grow my autos 4/20
    they usually sex up 2 to 3 weeks from germimate.


    steveat Active Member

    What light do you use though..all HPS or do you MH then HPS after? How long is the actual flowering process..not veg ..flower.

    pon Active Member

    I use LED & CFL lights. Depending on the strain they flower for 5 to 9 weeks so that's 8 to 12 weeks total.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    I flowered under HPS. 20 autos. White Widow Auto & Vertigo.

    NugHunter Active Member

    Strains of these 2 ? Yield? what watt led and cfl?

    pon Active Member

    On the left - Buddha seeds I think it's Syrup? they come assorted in a pack of 10. 200w cfl 40w led board with 4x 30w cfls covering all my plants.
    33grams (10 weeks from germ)

    On the right adv. Biodiesel mass auto, same lights but with a 90w ufo white light added at the end. 19grams (8.5 weeks from germ)

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