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Autoflowering vs Photoperiod?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Roosky, Aug 27, 2010.


    Roosky Member

    I was recently shopping for seed and noticed the option of autoflowering, while this seems to be very convenient i was curious if there were any drawbacks to autoflowering plants other than the fact that you cant choose exactly when you want them to flower

    growace Active Member

    In my case regular, only have room for 2 plants, but they will have a lot of great bud. If I could grow 4 or more might go autos. I could finish faster and less screwing around with nutes.

    Roosky Member

    The Attitude is giving me a free autoflowering Dinafem seed with my next order so i'll see how that goes.

    MasterHemp Well-Known Member

    i got 3 60 day wonder autoflowers at the moment, there great side kick plants because you can keep them in the veg room with the other plants and then one day you go in there and find the autos budding and the normal plants still vegging :p this is good because you will have bud to smoke while you grow out the normal plants

    ukgrower420 Member

    totaly agree wit ya there budy great to grow on the side while awaiting your larger plants to grow out !!! they give a great stink and havnt harvested yet but by got she is thik with bud at day 39 and the trics is just amazing under a 30 x loop i can see trics starting on seedlings only days old how crazy is that!!! peace!!!

    ukgrower420 Member

    :joint::hump::peace::joint:as its a auto versas normal ganja plants heres some a the Picture liams 567.jpg results of a outdoar uk grow 7 days from chop!!! some great colours showing on the plant as the temp has changed over the last couple a week!!! Picture liams 568.jpg i will also post 1 of my outdoar autos!!! Picture liams 514.jpg this is 1 of my royal automitic by royalseed company . eather royal seeds or queen seeds bit stoned and cant quite remember !! hah anyway as you can see both are healthy plants little bit a leaf tip burn but was weeks ago since then shes been on ph adjusted water ph 6.3 with a little rhizotonic and a little canizim and a little mallasas till last 2 week of bloom before chop ill give them overdrive from week 5 till 7 then flush for 2 weeks with canna flush!! what nutes are others using on there autos??? herd shopuld give them half dozes as so small is this right? fine on what i have them on now but thinking mite need a bit more of a boost in last stages ???? any input would be apreciated !"! peace and happy growing all you growers and smokers out there!!!!!

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Never grown them, but arenĀ“t they a bit on the small side??

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