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Autoflowering strains info.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by hmmm123, Sep 21, 2008.


    hmmm123 Well-Known Member

    I have noticed that a lot of the time i post i get people asking when i switched my lowryder-2 to 12/12. So i decided i would try explain to everyone that didn't know about autoflowering strains so i don't have to keep going over it. Just some freindly info for you fellow growers out there.

    Ok so basically there are two main strains autoflowering and non autoflowering plants. Now there is one main diffrence between them. A non autoflowering strain has to have a light shedule in order for it to produce buds.

    With non autoflowering strains there are 2 stages the veg stage and the flowering stage. This is where the light shedules come in. A non autoflowering strain needs a veg stage, well you could 12/12 it from seed but that's a diffrent matter. For the first few weeks or as long as you plan on vegging your plant for you need a light shedule that is either lights on 24hours or some people have there lights on 18/6 when there plants are in the veg stage. In order for your plant to produce buds though if it's non autoflowering you need to change the light shedule to induce budding to 12/12. To make it simpler a non autoflowering strain relays on the light shedules to make it flower if grown inside, or if grown ouside ideal it has to be planted at the right time of year for that strain of plant if that makes sense.

    So back onto autoflowering strains, Basically an autoflowering strain does not relay on the light shedule to induce budding. This makes it an easier strain to work with for some people as you no longer need a timer or have the hassle of light shedules thoughout your grow.

    An autoflowering strain will grow from start to finsh under constant 24 hours of light or some people like to have there lights 18/6 in order to give there grow space time to cool down. Autoflowering strains basically have no veg stage there very short life cycle means theres is no point in cloning, you can't stop an autoflowering plant from flowering. An auto flowering plant will flower when it is ready to when it reaches the time in it's life cycle when it's muture enough to produce buds.

    Oh and i forgot to menion with autoflowering plants some people find it easier as there is no need to have to seprate room for flowering and vegging.

    I'll stop rambling now! Feel free to comment or ask questions, or even put me stright if i've said something wrong.

    Peace. :peace:
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    ganjaman13 Well-Known Member

    now if only they would read it! well said

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