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autoflowering breeding

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ganjamanuk, Jan 8, 2009.


    ganjamanuk Well-Known Member

    Quick breeding question

    If i wanted to make more autoflowering seeds could i breed lowryder 2 and G13 power skunk together and still have autoflowering seeds produced???


    Tryingtomastrkush Well-Known Member

    it may or may not have the autoflowering gene

    ganjamanuk Well-Known Member

    i read that the autoflowering gene is recessive(not dominant) so its unlikely it will be autoflowering, is this true???


    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    keep crossing it with an auto flowering plant tell u get what u want...

    KushIce33 Active Member

    I have a friend that breeds low ryders and autoflowerers....and he has told me time and time again the autoflowering/low ryder gene is recessive it is nearly impossible to achieve by crossing it with a non autoflowering plant he always has to cross two like plants,such as 2 autoflowers or two non-autoflowers etc etc ie a white man and a black woman could have sex and reproduce...but a white horse and a black pig cant reproduce (although it may be possible he always says 'NEARLY' impossible so its up to you to experiment hope this helps

    CrazyFuck Active Member

    In the first cross you should get around 25% AF, then you backcross the offspring to the original AF, breed them out and repeat until you get the results you want.
    It's time consuming and you may need some space too, if you want a couple of plants to choose from that is.

    Tryingtomastrkush Well-Known Member

    haha thats funny man buts its not quite as impossible as a horse breeding with a pig.....In fact its just a matter of understanding dominant and recessive genes and time. If you breed an auto flowering male with a normal female or the other way around you should end up with about 25 percent of them autoflowering then you continue like the post above me says

    ganjamanuk Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt get how i could do that, i only have one seed, so im guessing i would have to make feminised seeds from itself(using collodial silver to make male pollen sacks)but then there is a high chance of the seeds being hermie right?))

    is there really that much of a downside to having a hermie plant? of course i will get a few seeds amongst the bud but i wouldnt mind so long as its mainly bud.

    CrazyFuck Active Member

    I don't think you need to worry too much about hermies since you're forcing it to produce male flowers chemically, it's not the same as breeding a plant that developed into a hermie naturally.

    It's fun to play around with this, making your own crosses and stuff.
    The results, of course, depends on how much space you have for your breeding project.

    More space = more plants to choose from

    Btw, got things a little bit wrong in my earlier post, my brain wasn't functioning correctly.
    The first cross, F1, will not produce any AF's at all since it's not a dominant trait.
    The second cross, F1 x F1 = F2, will result in about 25% of the F2's being AF's.

    If you want to make a cross that carries more of the traits from the strain that's not an AF,
    you may want to neglect the backcrossing part in my earlier post. If you backcross it you will get
    more of the AF genes in the cross and the outcome, F2, will be around 50% AF.
    The downside is that you probably will get a pretty small plant with more
    of the lowryder genes in it. That's not in any way bad, if that's what you want.

    So, if you want more of the other strains characteristics, instead of the backcross
    you grow the seeds from your first cross, the F1's.(AF x non AF = F1)
    In the first cross you will not get any AF's at all so take your time and grow a couple of plants and
    pick out the plants that carries the traits you're looking for (smell, yield, resin production etc etc) and breed them.

    In the next generation, F2 (F1 x F1 = F2), around 25% of the outcome will be AF's.
    In the F2's you will also find the biggest genetic variations, you will se a lot of
    different phenotypes so it's a good thing if you have many plants to choose from.
    You choose the one's that are AF's and carry the traits you want and then you breed them.

    F2 x F2 = F3. This generation will be 100% AF.
    If you're happy with what you've got at this point, your breeding project is over.
    But you can always continue on like this, fine tuning it until you've got a strain as stable as
    the ones the seedbanks sell and maybe start a business of your own. ;)

    ganjamanuk Well-Known Member

    hey sweet, ty for info man, the trouble is that i only have a closet grow sonot much room, im gonna go with the hermie/fem seeds that it will produce using CS to make male bananas route, as that only really needs 1 plant.

    is there any downside to having a hermie plant?

    CrazyFuck Active Member

    I guess the potency will be a bit lower. And of course, it could
    pollinate itself, but since you wanna make seeds that's a good thing.

    I don't think you have to worry too much about your seeds being
    hermie since your plant hopefully doesn't carry that trait naturally.


    ganjamanuk Well-Known Member

    kl, cheers guys

    Maravillosa Member

    I've been told by pro auto breeders that the f4 generation will be true autoflowers, if the choosing of parents was done correctly in the previous crosses.

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