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Autoflower vs Feminized

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by pyrojacko, Jan 1, 2012.


    pyrojacko Member

    Hey! This sounds really newbie.. but could someone tell me the difference between feminized seeds and auto flower seeds? I know that auto flower seeds automatically produce bud without having to worry about the males, but what do feminized seeds do? Do you have to worry about the males with them? Cheers.

    Hyptno Active Member

    Autoflower flowers under any light cycle.Autoflower can produce males or females unless its autoflower and feminized....Feminized seed is supposed to produce only female plants no matter if your talking autoflower or normal photo period plants.....

    tpsmc Active Member

    Good info for your first post Hyptno.

    dan245876 Member

    yer autoflower is a species of cannabis, the same as indica and sativa. these can be both male and female.
    feminized seeds are seeds that have been produced in certain environments that ensure that all the seeds are female

    socaliboy Active Member

    Aren't autoflowering strains crossed with a ruderalis? Feminized seeds are just seeds from a females that have been pollinated with a transgender father lol

    tpsmc Active Member

    Yes and no, autos are crossed with C. Rud but feminized seeds can also be produced by treating the mother plant with colloidal silver, you can also take a fem and stress her to the point she turns male then use that pollen to create feminized seeds but the offspring will be more likely to herm on you.

    socaliboy Active Member

    Yea, that's what I mean by transgender father...turning a female to a male...easily done with silver and not really worth the money they charge at the seed banks. However, in regards to the autoflowering strains, I always feel like the c.rud dulls down the effects, but maybe okay if you are pressed for time.

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