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Autoflower Vs. 12/12 from start?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by BrokeFYC, Aug 4, 2010.


    BrokeFYC Active Member

    What's up my Unicorns? I'm starting my new grow soon, after i'm done with my Universal Llama grow which is going on right now. The next grow is going to be an indoor CFL grow in my closet. I like the idea of autoflowers, but with the limited selection of strains, I was thinking 12/12 from start pretty much mimics the autoflower traits? I want some good tips/discussion, none of these pure anus posts.

    Auto Flower Pro's:
    • 18-20-24 hours of, instead of 12.
    • not sure on finishing time of 12/12, but auto flowers are usually 60-70 days.
    • faster growth in my experience.
    12/12 Pro's:
    • Wider range of strains
    • More yield?
    • Clones/LST/Topping with better results.
    • Option to extend veg period if need be.
    I'm not sure if my facts on yield/time is scroatchal, or even correct, but if anyone has experience on 12/12 from the start growing, let me know. :shock:

    silverhazefiend Well-Known Member

    I think u did it backwords..
    Autoflower pros
    1.60-70 day finish
    2.faster growth
    Autoflower cons
    1.more electricity
    2.smaller yield(*)
    12/12 pros
    1.more strains
    2.Better yield (*)
    3.cloning so u wont have buy more seeds,lst,topping
    4.Less electricity
    12/12 cons
    1.If ur starting from 12/12 u cant adjust veg time
    2.some plants need the veg time 2 give a decent yield
    3.some plants can get stressed doing this resulting in a hermi
    4.plants wont flower till there mature enough
    Theres more that i prolly forgot but thats the major ones

    BrokeFYC Active Member

    as long as the plants aren't flowering (or mature enough as you state) then you can switch back to 18, i believe. So if you do 4 weeks of 12/12, and your plants havent flowered, then you can put it on 18/6 and keep on veggin'. But since I don't want to do any veg time, i dont think it matters.

    Here's the updated questions:

    What yields more, Autoflowers, or 12/12 from seed.

    What takes longer to finish, autoflowers or 12/12 from seed?

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