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    hey im on 8th day now since my think different sprouted..... I read that bigger roots = more yield so I bought 7 gallon black bucket and filled it about and inch and half till the top.... I also read somewhere you should saturated your pot before planting teh seed in the soil... So I did that and the whole pot hasnt dried out yet... and it has been 8 days since I watered... which was the initial soaking... moister meter says soil is wet the bottom half of the pot my tent had a bit of heat issue which I believe gave the plant some heat stress but im venting the tent to the attic tomorrow so that should be taken care off... as of right now I have my ballas dimmed down to 50% and temp is staying around 79-84 which I dont think its bad? but im getting worried about watering and dont know what i should do to make it dry up faster? or do you think if I let the roots naturally look for the water and grow, it would be better for the root system?

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    Im thinking about getting this strain next, I hope you post pics of your grow.

    Im also a newbie grower but have a small garden (of ordinary plants) outside and the biggest pot I have used is 5 gallons and it takes 3-5 days to dry up when it doesn't rain, sometimes more, so I imagine the 7 gallon pot would dry up a lot longer.
    But if it were me I would water when the top inch of my soil feels dry. I would not want my whole pot to be dry before I water it, especially since you basically have a seedling.

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    my pot is still wet/moist on the more towards the bottom half of the soil using the soil moisture meter..... i got temps under control... around 76-82 lights on and 60-63 lights off.... leaves are looking healthy except they look like they are curling down a bit... i dont know what to do since the pot is sitll wet towards the bottom and its been like a week and a half since I watered them... since i heard u should let the whole pot go dry im still waiting but idk if i should just water them a little or still wait? any suggestions?

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    Having the same problem we need more drainage ( perlite ).

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