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AutoFlower PPM Ranges

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by whitnasty1, Jun 11, 2013.


    whitnasty1 Member

    Been trying to locate a PPM chart for Autoflowering strains and haven't had much luck. I will begin germination tomorrow, looks like I'm going to have enough room for 8 autos in my 4' x 5' area with a 600w ipower, they will be in 5 gallon buckets. I would like to fit 10 but i think it's going to be close. In particular am looking for the PPM for seedlings. I have been resting my home tap and it's in the 122-200 range it jumps around. Will this be sufficient or do I need to buy a bunch of distilled water at first? If you guys have a complete chart I would really appreciate it. thanks again everyone!

    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    Every strain is different and the nutrient requirements can vary widely.
    It will also vary with the brand of nutrients you use, or what kid of water you're using.

    I grow large autoflowers, and I can NEVER push past 600 ppm in full bloom using General Hydroponics nutrients.
    I give them nothing for a few days and then start them on 150ppm for about a week.
    I usually push that to 400 for a week after that.
    By day 30 I'm usually at 500 and won't push too much further past that until bloom.

    Your schedule will be totally different.

    To be safe without burning your plants.
    Here's a pretty safe schedule. Although in hydro you should know how to read your plants and know what they need from movements in PPM, and PH.

    1- 100
    2- 200
    3- 400
    4- 450
    5- 500
    6- 525
    7- 525
    8- 525
    9- 550

    Also, if those plants will be sharing a reservoir you will want to run a bit lighter on nutrients in order not to burn weaker plants.
    You just kind of have to play the middle ground with that many auto's.
    If you're growing them all in separate bubble buckets..... Have Fun checking/adjusting water level, PPM, PH and res changes.


    whitnasty1 Member

    Thanks for letting of the information man! I didn't know that you had to go that light on them. I am growing in soil by the way. What happens when you end up going past 500ppm? That seems like extremely small amounts of nutes.

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    a good starting point for nutes is 1/4 strength for soil grows
    even strains i know can handle heavier nutes i still start at 1/4
    never know when you can pop a nute sensitive pheno

    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    If you go too high then you burn your plant, growth slows or stalls, and the plant can die.

    whitnasty1 Member

    Alright sounds good, so around 100ppm max will be sufficient for seedlings? What nutrients do you guys use on your autos? Just wondering. I am thinking of going with Fox Farm's line, along with Cha Ching Open Seasame and Beastie Bloom. Might pick up general organics Go Box for their CaMg+ and their Bio Root. Seem to be beneficial products. Thoughts?

    renkar Active Member

    ive read a lot on auto and nutes and the only big difference btw auto and reg is they are more sensitive to nute. Im about to buy myself my nutes and I find GO to be quite a fine produvt saw lot of grow journal using them with great result

    Marcus516 Member

    So that chart is perfect for fox far nutes also I'm using soil ? And I need a fox farm ppm chart for auto mind helping ?
    As Above So Below

    As Above So Below Member

    Hi i know this is an old post but was just wondering, are you taking into account the ppm of the water before hand or is this ppm guide only for nutrients...hope you understand my question..

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    in a perfect world you would use RO the starting ppm would be minimal

    uptosumpn Well-Known Member

    Interesting.....So that above chart is for AUTOS right??

    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    My auto doesn't like more than 600 ppm using gh at day 50, light feeders =)))

    Seedlin Well-Known Member

    Just finishing up my 1st auto run. I never measured ppm once. Fed every day from seedling to flush FloraNova Bloom 1 tsp/gal, Cal-Mag Plus 1/2 tsp/gal and well water. My medium is coco/perlite about 70/30, 3 gal Hempy buckets, 1000w hp in a 9 x 9 room. Kept my feed at 5.8 ph + -. As they grew I bumped the Bloom up to 2 tps per. Flushed the Cash Crop for 7 days chopped at 86, the 2 Fast 2 Vast and Freeze Berry are near finish at 90 days. You can see em on my " A bunch of em this time thread." :weed:

    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    My Trans Siberian auto is gunna be 1 frosty plant =)))) 20 days of flowering and looks like she's been snowed on

    Seedlin Well-Known Member

    Uh how bout some plant porn dude... Post it...:weed:
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    getmygunbilly420 Active Member

    I agree! id like to see a trans Siberian in action!
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    bubblenut Well-Known Member

    I second this motion

    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    Im on this on my Xbox One, can you post photo's too this site on a Galaxy S5?

    getmygunbilly420 Active Member


    getmygunbilly420 Active Member

    I have a dollar General phone and it works perfectly
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