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Autoflower Nutrients?

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by TheChodesman, Dec 4, 2011.


    TheChodesman Active Member

    Question for the forum: Any input on nutrients for an autoflower?

    I was using Fox Farms Ocean Forest and fertilized at 1/4 strength with veg formula at around 3 1/2 weeks, twice over the course of a week and got a bit of nute burn. When using a soil such as FFOF with nutrients that can potentially feed a photoperiod plant weeks into veg should I just skip out on the veg formula for my autoflower plants and just use bloom?

    And that brings up another question, since I hear you shouldn't fertilize a plant 2 weeks before harvest by my logic I'd only be fertilizing with bloom formula for about 3-4 weeks with the short life cycle.

    Any suggestions, and recommendations for a fertilizer? I was considering something from the Fox Farms line. I'm going to be using it in half FFOF cut with Light Warrior or Happy Frog soil. Any input on organics?

    kewlmanshorty Member

    Been wondering the same myself. My girls are just now turning 3 weeks old (greenhouse gom)

    ohmy Well-Known Member

    2 1/2 weeks mine started to flower. I was easy on the nute's and skip a few feeds in the midle of the chart and went from week two to weeks 6.,but easy with my feedings every week.My plants look great, have one weeks left before chop. last two weeks just water and molassis... I will post pictures when i cut em up, just now i have em in my veg tent tied down so lower buds get more light. 16 hours a day light. went i put in flower room they did not look like they where happy with just 12 hours and few people say give them longer light. ... I have all fox farm gear, from FF OF soil to all the nutes. Soon going to try my luck at water farm. With diffrent nutes to see how ot works out.

    TheChodesman Active Member

    Photoperiod on these should be 18/6 and up. Don't change light schedules. Good input on just water and molasses prior to chop. I'm thinking Fox Farms Big Bloom, Grow big and Tiger Bloom. My plants flowered around two and a half weeks and I have pics in my sig. Michigan son.

    farmerjoe420 Well-Known Member

    i dont think you need all those chems for the auto's. if you use them i would go slow because auto's are touchy in a sense that any mistake you make can slow them down and time is something you cant afford to waste with auto's. i have found that organics work well because they are more user friendly and less likely to burn than chems if used properly. i have been using neptunes harvest fish 2-4-1 with big bloom and i am getting awesome results. i started feeding at around 2 weeks with the fish fertilizer. i mix my own soil blend but the same would apply with a soil like FFOF or happy frog. i use the big bloom per fox farms feeding schedule and then feed with neptunes harvest at week 2 or depending on the strain maybe week 3 and every week thereafter. this would be strain dependent of course but is a good place to start and make adjustments as needed. you can use the fish and BB the whole way through since it basically has a flower npk ratio of 2-4-1 and towards the middle and end of flowering roots organics HPK to tighten things up. not bad considering i spent about $ 60 on ferts and my soil ( about 5 cu ft of soil )

    Desr Well-Known Member

    i just followed the ff schedule, i started in at week 3 with a quarter strength.

    TheChodesman Active Member

    I'm going to get two big bags of Fox Farms Ocean Forest and put a little Fox Farms marine Fertilizer or guano in it and fuck maybe just pick up some manner of guano for flowering 4-5 weeks later then. They have the International House of Guano for $20. I guess I could make tea and put molasses in as well.

    TheChodesman Active Member

    It's like 2 pounds of four different shits in one box, poop from around the world.
    Richie Bud

    Richie Bud Active Member

    I stop using nutes as soon as I start flush usually 10 days to 2 weeks before harvest The plant is coming to the end of her life So she will not miss the nutes I also recommend putting them into darkness for at least 48 hours I usually go 5 days some times 4 It will increase your resin I hope this helpes

    Smokenpassout Well-Known Member

    I usually grow autos in fox farm ocean forest mixed with 35 percent perlite. I do not start nutrients until the plant shows sex. When it does, I go straight into the bloom nutrients. I use iguana juice bloom which is organic. Starting at 1/4 strength and gradually working my way up to 3/4 strength. I just flush with plain water alone the last two weeks of flowering.

    aknight3 Moderator

    autoflowers nutrient wise are pretty much the same as all marijuana plants, always go light, more is always less with this type of stuff, i dont ''flush'' or feel the need to stop giving my plants nutrients at the end of their life cycle since it is the most important time for your marijuana to grow and finish but that point aside, just go easy...some strains of auto can handle nutrients more or better than regular photoperiod plants, it really depends on the most important name in the game and thats genetics, good luck
    Billy Madison

    Billy Madison Member

    Feed Veg ferts till vertical growth has stopped then switch to bloom to pack on the buds....don't feed till 3 nodes have been established...fox farm is peat moss based, very acidic..can run ph 5.0 out of the bag...the whole fox farm line lacks cal-mag...start using some unsulphured molasses, cal-mag product starting at week 4-6 depending on growth(deficiencies, plant stage)...every other watering, tsp spoon of unsulphured molasses to a gallon of water...as soon as the trichomes start turning amber give plain ph'd water till desired trichomes level is reached (usually within a week or two from here) . Good luck...

    I found this on another forum and tweaked it a little to my likings. This was for a lowes guide

    "Alaska Fish Fertilizer is your veg fertilizer, it's organic and will feed the mycos as well as the plant. You won't start feeding this nutrient until your plant has 3 sets of true leaves. That means not the ones that popped out of the shell, but the actual plant leaves that have definition, when you reach the third set - that will be week one.

    Miracle Gro Liquid Quick Start is your bloom fertilizer, it's not organic, but the MSDS says you can drink it with no adverse effects, this is how you know it's not going to kill your mycos as well. Don't let the "Quick Start" fool you, this plant food has good PK ratio for bloom.

    Blackstrap Molasses is your carb booster, it feeds those little ones in the soil as well as your plant. It's also a little Cal/Mag booster.

    With all of that said, here's your nutrient schedule, follow it and adjust it as needed but this schedule will NOT burn your plants with the soil mixture above.

    Week 1 (Three true leaves) - 1TSP Fish Emulsion per gallon of water.
    Week 2 - 1.5 TSP Fish Emulsion per gallon of water.
    Week 3 - 2 TSP Fish Emulsion per gallon of water
    Week 4 - 2 TSP Fish Emulsion per gallon of water
    Week 5 - 2 TSP Miracle Gro Quick Start per gallon of water + 1TSP Blackstrap Molasses
    Week 6 - 3 TSP Miracle Gro Quick Start per gallon of water + 1TSP Blackstrap Molasses
    Week 7 - 3 TSP Miracle Gro Quick Start per gallon of water + 1TSP Blackstrap Molasses
    Week 8 - Plain water + 1TSP Blackstrap Molasses
    Week 9 - Plain water + 1TSP Blackstrap Molasses

    The molasses gives cal-mag boost, you can use it in veg if needed, but you should have enough cal-mag between the dolomitic lime available in the soil and the bio-tone to get you to week 5. If you start to notice any Cal-Mag def at all, use 1TSP of Molasses for one of the waterings during week 3 & 4, otherwise use the same schedule the entire grow."
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    starass Member

    I currently have 6 plants going and have been feeding with the Aurora 5ml Master Pack. I have been feeding them only 3mls of each, and I jump started the feeding schedule only 1 week. I have read that most autos will take 11 to 12 weeks regardless, so tomorrow will be week 5 or 6 if you account for the 1 week of Seedling stage. My plants love life and are already 2 1/2" on average. Only 1 has shown signs of nute burn, so I will be plain watering that one.

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