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autoflower auto pounder just ordered

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by Dookz, Jan 5, 2013.


    Dookz Active Member

    hey i just ordered a 3 pack of 3 auto pounder seeds, im interested in any personal experience or grows or any details you can share... ill be using the FF ocean forest, but ill have the light warrior for the seeds, every part of the ff nute lineup.... let me know wat im gettin into everyone!! thanks, ill be doin a journal for all those interested in these seeds

    Dookz Active Member

    okay well since i see no responces to this, my update to self is the package is in process of shipping right now.... i will be growing in (2) 5 gal buckets and (2) 3 gal buckets and im looking to do a full report on these seeds under a 1000 watt MH/HPS system.... if anyone is gonna be interested in knowing how they grow or watching to see how much bud comes off i will let you all know when i recieve the seeds and start!

    eman4722 Member

    I will watch yours if you watch mine haha im on my first grow but i will do my best to help you

    Dookz Active Member

    first grow, experience grow, it dont matter as long as you try and make the best of what you got and get high in the end hahha, but cool follow along my seeds were dispatched today i cant wait to get the ball rolling and maybe others will follow suit and want to check out the autopounder since i see somany damn questions on this

    jgerardi49 Member

    I have 5 Auto Pounder's that just broke out if jail.I have them in Rockwool but did the paper towel thing first ,took 2 day's to break . I'm going to put them in 2 gal Hempy buckets.I'm 4 weeks into a 8 x DWC 5 gal buckets with airstones. Lots of ph problems and mag def etc, plus changing the res out is a pain. So thought I'd try the Hempy way.I have a large extra shower that holds 16 plants. I have a few crystal rains,pervada OG #18 and La Diva. Using 9800 lumens cfls for the veg and 3x240 blackstar Led's for the flowering.

    eman4722 Member

    Any news on the seeds?

    Dookz Active Member

    i just got my seeds in tonight ill be starting a new journal on the seeds im actually also ordering new seeds to fill the tent as well

    Closetgardner Well-Known Member

    I'm along for the ride, I'll be growing auto pounder outdoor later this year. So very interested to see how these grow out

    scaryt Member

    Interested in seeing how this strain does so I am here to see

    kayden313 Member

    yeah I got 2 Auto pounders going in soil ff ocean foest day 18 and them things are huge should be an easy plant to grow as this is my first indoor grow ... i got the Auto purple cheese to and a advanced bio-diesel the Auto pOunders are growin the fastest atm

    stayhigh247 Member

    just ordered the auto pounders yesterday, 3-6. i will be looking forward to seeing your posts although i am using a DWC system rather than soil. i'm excited to see the yeild on these

    Puma327 Member

    I grew two auto pounders. This was myfirst grow and I've only been smoking for a few months, so I'm notthe most educated regarding quality. I gave some to a fewexperienced smokers for feedback on the strain. Growing conditionswere: all organic soil and nutrient. Grown in 5 gal buckets. Grownunder CFLs for the whole grow.

    This seemed to me (my first grow) to bea hardy plant. I had some issues with nut burn, I believe, becauseof improperly adjusted water PH. I am guessing that the yield wouldhave been better if I didn't have a PH problem.

    One plant was tall and stretched, whilethe other was shorter and VERY bushy. Both plants yielded a combinedharvest of 2.2 oz dry, and 4 pounds of strong canabutter from the fan leaves and trimmings, notincluding the nuggets I took off early to smoke (I would guess about.2 oz). The buds are a nice shape with LOTS of crystals and "snow"and VERY sticky. The smoke has a clean taste with good smelland flavor. I found it to be strong, stronger than some O.G. Kush I bought; However there was a favorable quality to the stone that I canonly describe as "well rounded" or "full". Thisstrain has worked very well as medication for pain. An experiencedstoner friend of mine rated it a 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 forpotency, and I would agree.

    Overall I am extremely happy with thisstrain and have ordered more seeds. Of the 3 types of pot I've smoked (O.G. Kush, Sand Widow, and Auto Pounder) the Auto Pounder is myfavorite. It's a creeper and (for me) takes about ten minutes tofully kick in. When it hits, it hits hard and fast with a strongindica dominant stone and medium euphoric high. This only last forabout 20 to 30 min, quickly settling into a nice, functional,medicated feeling. If you are using pot for medical reason, this isa good one. If you want to have a nice indica dominant high thatdoesn't leave you couch-bound, then this is the one too.

    I am calling this one a successfulfirst grow for sure.

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