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    cjmade New Member

    Hey folks, a total noob here, about a month ago I started to grow my very first single autoflowering plant.
    As you see, this one is tiny - a size of a tictac :( and she is almost month-old(a month from seed)

    It is a White Widow Auto, 1 month old, I think it has just started to flower, as about 3-4 days ago i noticed first pistils.
    i'm growing it under a couple of 25w CFLs(130w equivalent), in a "stealth"-box about 1'wide-1'deep-1.5'high, a pot is like 1.5 liter, so it's about 0.39 gallon. Lights are about a foot away, i have one 12v fan blowing in and one out. Water her every 3-5 days, when the top soil is dry.
    I germinated it in kind of cold environment, and did shock her as a seedling - she stretched and fell, and when i tried to add some soil to hold her up accsedentally pulled of the ground :-P
    I also tried to grow her without nutes at first two weeks, but she quickly became yellowish and I started to give her some(like a 10-5-7 or something). She seemed happy since, but only got bushier and never really grew.
    Now I didn't expect much, as it is under cfls and all, but was hoping for at least 1/4 oz, but now i doubt even that much.

    Any advice on this one? I will still let her finish, even if i get 1/8 or 1/32 :-P, but is it possible she will still grow a bit? How much do you guys think I'll yield? :)

    tkowitha123 Active Member

    she looks healthy enough, if you've done your research and have a decent grasp on whats worked for others you may still pull a half off her but everthing else from here on out must go swell.

    JMD Member

    Low light level + small pot = small plant. No nutes for two weeks definitely also affected the growth.

    cjmade New Member

    Thanks for replies, hopefully she will still grow :P
    And yeah, I get it will be small, jut hope not THAT small...

    by the way - I red, that a plant can almost double in size through flowering - can this happen or am I am just in denial?

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    agree with JMD

    also, need to keep them CFLs closer, around 2-4 inches seems to work well for low watt fluorescence, even with my T5HOs (49W) I try to keep em at 4-6 and let em grow up to 2" before moving anything

    what Kelvin is them CFLs ? for a Auto I would go for 2700K tho 5000K can easily work

    And yes, like tkowita say, do look healthy, its all green ;)
    so don't worry too much, also since it first started to flower now, expect some "massive grow" next 3 weeks compared to the first 3 then a few weeks where it finish and swell up (hopefully)

    move them CFLs close and see if you can get some nutrients with a lower first number (Etc. 2-5-5)

    As auto flowers have a short Veg time (last one I grew did also first start to flower after about 3 weeks) and your in fresh soil from the start it will in most cases be enough until it begin to flower, well I guess not in your cases, but now your soil is out of nutrients for sure and as the plant flower it will need more then in the early stages, so more food and stronger light will for sure make a different

    Sweet tooth Auto from Barney`s I grew a few months back

    (still early stages under the T5s before I move her in under the LEDs)

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    the above picture is from around week 2-3

    here she is around week 8



    she is in a Hempy bucket with 5kg of perlite

    xzvburki New Member

    Chill bro. Your plant seems to doing much better than mine. Color and size. My dinafem auto ww is 30 days today. Im going to open the cab and post a picture from today. Im not worried though. My other autos were at the same stage 30 days in...

    My cab has plenty of lighting , growing in soil. I just cranked up the nitrogen yesterday. As long as there's vertical growth everyday at this stage you should be fine. My ww is growing a cm a day if not more.


    From 2 days ago:

    xzvburki New Member

    Sorry, wasn't able to attach the files. Crappy app! Attachment manager isn't mobile friendly...

    Zagon Active Member

    pot is too small, always start Your autos in big, final pot; do not transplant...

    cjmade New Member

    Thanks everybody, the pics look beautiful :)

    I do grow her under 1 6200(i think) and 3 2700-s, and i did just the opposite :P It was jut like you said - 2-3 inches from light, but I thought, if I put put them further away - it might force her to grow horizontally...well putting her back up! Will see how she does :)
    Also - is changing the nutes for flowering essential? Cause it's kinda hard to find something specific in my area...I read somewhere it's not horrible to stay with the same fertilizer.
    I will add later which nutes i'm's something made from seaweed.

    burki - Yeah, I know :) post em later from a computer - I'm curios.
    Zagon - It is a final pot :-P, as I mentioned - it's some kind of stealth grow, and I just don't have the space for a bigger one.
    The Milk

    The Milk Active Member

    Please do not use the same nutes for flower as you did for veg.

    The cheapest + most effective Flower nutrients you can get comes from your grocery store.

    Black strap molasses. 1 tablespoon per gallon when you water will really swell your buds,organicly at that!

    cjmade New Member

    Molasses?! I will look into that! You mean like instead of nutes or using both? And will not this attract flies and such?

    Zagon Active Member

    capacity of the pot determined her size is what I think
    The Milk

    The Milk Active Member

    You don't want too much nitrogen in your soil, before you said [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]you gave it 10-5-7. Which stands for [/FONT](Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium) Good for veg, but[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] That's too much nitrogen for flower.
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
    You want something like 2-4-4 (Just an Example) Mj plants want more Phosphorous and Potassium during flower,and more nitrogen during veg.

    When looking for Molasses Make sure you it is Organic Blackstrap Molasses,and you shouldn't have a problem with bugs unless you keep a messy growroom.

    cjmade New Member

    Ok, I'll look for some of this.
    I checked now and the nutes I gave were actualy 10-7-9 + 3% seaweed something + 1.5% organic mass + 0.1% Iron.

    +Yes, she did grow about a cm or two :)

    Here's the pic by the way:

    xzvburki New Member

    Here, the smaller one is the WW Auto DNF. She's at day 32 today, transplanting her tomorrow morning. In the last picture, the Superbud auto at day 44. They are supposed to be very short. Budding is going good, trichs have started to form. It has another 5 to 7 weeks im guessing....


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    xzvburki New Member

    from above 20140119_021553.jpg

    cjmade New Member

    Looking good, man! Mine is almost the same age, lol :)

    xzvburki New Member

    Thats just perfect! Side my side grow :lol:
    The genetics are different though... the leaves on your plant seem more like white widow. With some huge lower fans.

    Cheers and happy growing

    Zagon Active Member

    My point was that if You want more than couple of grams from your auto plant You need to start her and grow in a bigger pot - at least 2 - 3 gal... Thing about autos is that as soon the root hits the pot bottom it stops growing and blooms.

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