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Auto White Widow - Semi Steath Wardrobe Grow Journal.

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by idontknowman, Jan 25, 2013.


    idontknowman Member

    Hello fellow GREenthusiasts!

    Sorry for the long introduction that is to come but I want to be thorough so that I can receive the best help and also to help out others that may read this thread. I also am writing the last 7 days in retrospect and will be posting quite a few replies in quick succession so that I can get this journal up to date and current by the end of today.

    A week ago I germinated and planted an Auto White Widow from Pyramid Seeds that I got from seed-city.com a week before that. It will be under CFL lighting until the temperature drops as in my area we have been having many days over 40* Celsius, so my 250w HPS sits in storage.

    I've decided to go with a single plant at the moment because I haven't been toking that much and think if I could get my target of 1oz per 3 months then that would be fine for my personal needs.

    Previously I had always grown photos (bagseed) under a 130w 6400k CFL for the first 20cm of growth before moving them into a shower tent (poor mans grow tent) with a 250w HPS. I had problems with light leakage and hermis in the past. I am at a new location now so I have to keep my new grow as stealthy as possible. So this will be my first CFL only and first auto grow as it seems to be the way to go with stealth, temperature and ventilation issues.

    Ok so here we go!

    Day -1: preparation.
    Mixed soil using some ozmocote premium potting mix and added some vermiculite for water retention and aeration into what I believe is a 8 to 12 liter pot. Apart from knowing it's diameter is 25cm, I don't know the exact volume of the pot which is a bit of a bummer, I might try some maths (shudder) later to actually figure it out. It just seemed like the perfect size for keeping an auto plant not too short but not to tall either.

    Started germinating an Auto White Widow seed using the paper towel method that morning also. I used the real cheap paper towels that have no bleach or perforations. It's kind of a thick course paper that is slightly yellow, but much thinner than normal paper towels. So i used many layers. I left it ontop of the power pack for the router which was warmish overnight and within 24 hours I had a 1cm tap root coming out.

    Day 0: Planting.
    I made a depression in the soil about 5mm deep and put the seeds in there, before covering it up with a little of the soil mix. I gave it a good spritz of tap water I left out over night and covered the pot in cling wrap for humidity. I started using a 24w 6400k CFL in a lamp holder to keep things warmish for Wendy (she now has a name). I use the light on a 18-6 cycle at the moment because there's a bit of light leaking through the wardrobe and I can't sleep with it on. Decided on the first night that I will need to make or buy a grow box/tent as I want to run Wendy on 24/0.

    Day 1: Sprouting.
    Things seem to be moving very fast. Within 24 hours of planting the germinated seed I could see the little lady pushing through the soil a little bit.

    Day 2: Sprouting.
    Wendy has now punched through the soil and discarded her seed casing. I also started to suspend the lamp on chains to get it a bit closer.
    DSC_0160-small.jpg DSC_0159-small.jpg

    idontknowman Member

    Day 3: Seedling.
    Cotyledons have unwrapped and true leaves are showing. I also started to use a 130w 6400k CFL from now on.

    DSC_0161-small.jpg DSC_0165-small.jpg

    Day 4: Seedling
    She's doubled in height and the first leaves have grown a little. I made a grow box out of a cardboard box lined with aluminum foil. I put a PC fan up the top for heat extraction and holes at the bottom of the doors for fresh air to come in. Temperatures reached 35* C inside the box after an hour even with the aircon on so I threw the box away and put an order in on eBay for a grow tent.

    DSC_0166-small.jpg DSC_0167-small.jpg

    Day 5:
    First leaves have grown a lot and she's increased in height. I can also just make out the 2nd set of leaves coming through.

    Day 6:
    General growth, seems to have slowed down a tiny bit. Can see the 2nd set of leaves now. One appears slightly deformed. One of the cotyledons appears to be growing and is larger than the other also. Really hoping I don't run into a problem but I'm pretty sure that Wendy will right herself over the next day or two.

    DSC_0169-small.jpg DSC_0170-small.jpg

    The posing is now up to date. I'll keep posting with current reports and pictures. Comments and questions will be appreciated. Wish me luck :)

    idontknowman Member

    Day 7:
    Some alright growth, hasn't really started to explode yet. But she looks good apart from some deformation which appears to be righting itself. I'm considering starting some real weak nutes. Up until now I have just done a very light watering every 2-3 days and relying on the nutes in the soil to get her going. Still on an 18/6 cycle, should be 2-3 days until I get the grow tent and will be able to go to a full 24 hour cycle.
    View attachment 2497656 View attachment 2497657

    I think she looks pretty good considering it's been a week since germination and planting in the soil.

    rLLZORS Member

    Hey, I've been trying to find anyone that has used these seeds before but I couldn't find any so i bought them anyway and well im about 2 weeks in germinated it on the 22/1/13 moved it to pots on the 27/1/13, using aeroponics + a 300 watt led. Hope yours turn out well xD

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    Rizzo00 Active Member

    Updated pics??? I have a dinafem white widow auto on day 14 under 200w 6500k cfls. Mine will be going outside in about a week.

    rLLZORS Member

    Just started flowering . . .


    spinaltank New Member

    nice mate, these are looking lovely, ive just recently got a auto white widow too and interested to see how it will turn out also,

    growing it on its on in this:

    100 x 40 x 40 gro tent
    250w grolux HPS Lamp
    250w Ballast

    fingers crossed ey... :)

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    carbon filter or ona gel atleast ? most the widow strains ive encountered reek like crazy

    rLLZORS Member

    Got a big update xD

    That was about 3 weeks ago, I wanna post more pics but Im gonna wait for the harvest n post a report instead, my white widow is coming along well not as fat as i would of hoped for so many weeks in. btw that ona gel really works a bit too strong imo but it has to be to get rid of that dank white widow smell!

    Autogrow123 New Member

    auto white widow from pyramid seeds
    Shown first pistil at day 28 and growing healthy and big but no real bloom or flowering almost day 70 reaching but looks like day 70 healthy plant many branches and one thick stalk

    hotshotisdashit Well-Known Member

    Old thread I know but does anyone have final results from any of these? Growing 5 now and about almost 2 weeks old. I'll post the pics if anyone's interested.

    porrista Well-Known Member

    I have one that is 2 weeks into flowering, you can check my journal.

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