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Auto flower nutrients

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by EPICPRODIGY4, Jan 5, 2013.



    I will be haveing my first grow comeing up in april im trying to get ready i know all the things i need to know but im confused on feed nutrients i will be using FF for nutrients i know how to mix them all like so much per gallon and all but when you feed the plants fo you give them like the whole gallon to get all the nutrients are what? just part a normal watering are the whole gallon that was mixed . Please help so conffused

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Nutrients in the water or not, you water the same - enough to saturate the soil and make it moist/damp. NOT wet. Also I recommend feeding only reduced strength feedings, especially to growers like you to prevent nutrient burn. But I'm betting you do anyway. I just finished growing almost 20 autos - a mix of Sweet Seedss Big Devil (what a lamer those are), Paradise Vertigo and Dinafem White Widow Auto. I also grew out one WWA in a 5-gallon DWC and here is what I discovered - autos do NOT like nutrients, at least at 50% feeds. A full strength feed will fry them I will guarantee. What jokes, screw autos. The DWC plant - the PPM got above 300 one time and burned it. 300. It liked the PPM around 250.

    Oghazybread Member

    Yeah I use lucus formula for all my strains, I never go over 850 ppm while flowering.

    70sdiver Active Member

    are you in dirt or hydro? If i dirt start at 1/4 recommended feeding.If you go over 50 percent you will probably burn them.

    Anatory Member

    The only plant food made especially for Auto Flowering pre-eminent bloom stimulator giving the plant in full bloom all the nutrients.

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