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Australian growers seeds bank ive discovered in aus thats legit

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by weedenhanced, Feb 6, 2017.


    Annabanana Member

    I was just looking over some of my past orders and discovered that I made 3 separate orders from ILGM in March 2017 and received NONE of them. The first 2, I stupidly didn’t pay extra for guaranteed delivery because I didn’t know how bad Customs were. So they didn’t reship. But the 3rd order was reshipped and...didn’t arrive either!
    So I’m not feeling confident about this recent order. I’m currently waiting on orders from:
    The Vault
    Bonza (a reship for an already 2.5 month unsuccessful wait)
    and Seedsman
    So it’ll be interesting to see which ones (if any!) arrive. I’ll post the outcomes on this thread - for anyone who may be interested.

    Annabanana Member

    P.S. I just ordered 10 seeds from Greenpoint (in Colorado and one of the few seed banks that have managed to get an order past Customs to me in the past) and they’ve got a 50% off everything sale for the next 3 days (discount code ‘2018’) and because I chose a discontinued strain it only cost $30 incl shipping! Cheapest deal I’ve ever found by far.
    Just FYI!
    And btw; Today (Jan 2nd) I received my order from The Vault. First attempt and they shipped it on Dec 18th. So not bad! I’m thrilled. Many thanks to The Vault.
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    Bam86aus Member

    Just receved my order 2 days ago from highgrade-seeds. New stealth method was simple but effective. Took 15 bussiness days but total of 17 with Xmas an new year in there. 45 seeds in the one order. Just popped 5 (fem) within 24 hours.

    Just about to type a review but good to see HGS still doing a good job since it was 9 years since my last order.
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    I just got a resend from Attitude through. Reg mail got through Melb customs were the tracked didn't.
    As has been stated it looks like Melb customs are a bit more on the ball than they used to be.
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