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attitude seeds

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by skinz18, Apr 21, 2010.


    skinz18 Active Member

    HI, just ordered from attitude, i seen a guy posted bout the seeds not being that great and that the freebies they give u is basically a waste of time, any1 know if this is true ??

    Vtec9010 Well-Known Member

    I've heard a lot of good things about attitude and they are one of the highest rated seedbanks. Of course there will be people that disagree. I have not personally used them but like I said I've heard a lot of good things. I'm sure your seeds will be fine. As for the freebies..well..they are FREE. I don't know about you but I'd take the time to pop them in soil and see what I get. If it comes out as crap then so be it, doesn't hurt you any because it was free.

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    When I bought my seeds from there, got em no problem, the freeby was an LA Woman seed now I see several growers growing them and they are looking great, so can't wait to grow mine,,,,they had a few problems recently but IMO the Attitude is the bomb!

    SHOSHON3N8TV Active Member

    The 'tude rox...one reason I buy is to get the freebies...they all do great. Gonna try some lemon haze next :leaf:

    vtatvrider Active Member

    i have orderd from them several times .never had a prob.seeds and freebies have always been real good.and there stealth shipping is great too.

    bluesdad Well-Known Member

    the attitude has killer genetics and good freebies too,im still growing my christmas freebies.the kushberry x skunk 1 was some dank berry tastin bud that left a brotha with a nice smooth high,bout to harvest the l a conf. x sk#1 lookin beatiful ive never smoked the lac but i hear its bomb shite,hope so...

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