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Attitude Seed Bank - Review

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by db2776, Feb 25, 2011.


    db2776 Active Member

    This was my first order from Attitude Seeds and I ordered two strains and received a couple of free seeds. I purchased Hash Passion (non fem) Ceres Kush (non fem) and received a single free Kannabia Smile seed (feminized) and a single Kannabia Special seed (feminized).

    The order was processed promptly and professionally and arrived in 3 weeks (USA/ South West). The stealth packaging left a bit to be desired, I paid extra for stealth but let’s just say that there was really nothing stealth about it. Had the customs agent simply opened the package the seeds would have been immediately visible. That said, I received the seeds so what else can I say except it worked out, thank goodness. I won't detail the method they used for obvious reasons but perhaps they can work on it.

    I planted all the seeds and had a near 100% germination rate; additionally I grow via hydro.

    Both feminized free seeds also geminated and both turned out to be female, a wonderful free bonus.

    I do have concerns regarding seed quality and consistency when it comes to being true to strain type. As a 7 year grower (both hydro and soil) I have cultivated countless strains and what I can say about them all is that despite being grown from seed all of my previous strains (from other seeds banks) were clearly related and shared similar traits and characteristics, i.e. length of time to flower, height, length of time to finish, quality of bud, resin production, scent etc.

    Both the Hash Passion and Ceres Kush strains each had one seed that was clearly NOT from the same strain. Both of these seeds developed into what can only be described as something you would find growing by the side of a highway. Both grew three times as large as their siblings and looked nothing like the their siblings.

    Let me begin with Hash Passion as this strain has other faults beside the one rogue seed. First, never in my years of growing have I had such a skewed male to female ratio, out of 10 seeds planted three were female. The three females took nearly a month to show their gender placing them weeks behind the other strains. Moreover, after 3 weeks they finally showed what looked like female Pistillate but at the same time what looked like male stamen within the leaves. I though perhaps hermaphrodite but NO, the cluster of what I thought was “balls” ended up exploding into a cluster of pistillate flowers. Not a single pistillate but clusters of pistillates. Never have I seen such a thing on a female plant.

    The rogue Hash Passion plant grew very tall despite being indica dominant. Its leaves were odd in shape and HUGE, it grew no branches just a single long stem. The initial cluster of pistillates at the top was it with no signs of being either gender toward the bottom of the plant. Moreover and most odd it had no scent even when I rubbed the leaves and zero resin. A freak of a plant is all that I can describe it as.

    The Ceres Kush rogue on the other hand had a ridiculous number of stems with tiny airy bud sites everywhere yet nothing that looked like it was going to produce any considerable quantity or quality of smokeable product. The height was purely sativa, at one point I had to cut a 1/3 of it to keep it in range of the light. Its leaves were very slender and long – very sativa. Ceres Kush is marketed as “pure indica”.

    I had to destroy both the rogue females as they took up too much space, light and food from the producing plants and frankly I doubt that either would have produced anything worth smoking. I have never in 7 years had to destroy a female plant because its quality was so poor.

    On a positive note, with the exception of one Ceres Kush plant which also looks nothing like her siblings but is doing well, the remaining females are healthy and looking lovely, true to strain and type. Ceres Kush had a normal and acceptable male to female ratio.

    Perhaps my experience is a “one off” so I will give Attitude Seeds another shot with different strains and look forward to the result. Lucky for me the two free seeds made up for the two rogue seeds yet it seems a bit odd.

    Best of luck to all in their growing endeavors.

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    i think that sometimes the grower's batch just produces an off genetic, it happens.[​IMG] even still tude is just the bank. they replace packs tho if you tell em the beans looked funky

    holliebaby Member

    Yea they replace after you ship em back. then they have th breeders inspect and decide. Bogus they should accept responsibility for the breeders they choose!!! 100 % LOSS at ATTITUDE seedbank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!even my freebies turned black they were either cracked and NOTHING or turned black n did nothing,ALL of em almost a 200. order and this is what i get everytime i tell them>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Hi there

    I am sorry you are dissatisfied with your souvenirs, but as you are aware we
    sell these solely for souvenir and storage purposes and we cannot reply to
    certain emails in conflict with this.

    However you can send back any dissatisfactory items and packaging back to us to
    forward to the breeder you are unhappy with to inspect with a view to a replacement or contact the breeder directly with your query.

    Many Thanks and I thank you in advance for understanding we do not process
    claims in the UK and it is preferable to go directly to the breeders as we are only a retailer for the goods.

    Many Thanks,


    The Attitude Seed Bank
    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr thats BULLSHIT my first order was Nirvana Exceptional customer service aaaan 100% success!! And i mean beautiful packed full of chrystal bushy beautiful girls! NIRVANA IT IS !


    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    sannie or seaofseeds

    michaeljdumpout Well-Known Member

    give them another chance.... they make dreams come true..lol

    holliebaby Member

    oHH i suppose maybee someday that was almost a 200. order,.. unless i find another reputable breeder for them sweet beans, Nirvana is the BEST by far,stealthiest,and they are eager to give us the personal attn: we deserve, however they dont have beans like strawberry or blueberry or pineapple..Attitude does have them, however them automatically generated emails sent me over the edge! Every email they sent me was the saame exact thing. So i shared it with everybody lol // Just the way it is. Nirvana came through i received my package in about 7 days from shipment not even=]=]=] way to go NIRVANA!

    Isisyogi Active Member

    Due to a recent bad experience, I'll no longer use Attitude. They have no clear and consistent customer service policy. I've dealt with Jodie and did not find her helpful, actually more of a hindrance. Because of her, I'll no longer spend my money with Attitude.

    JCashman Well-Known Member

    some of these threads just make me facepalm. if you buy seeds from the tude, and they don't pop, that is the breeders fault, NOT attitudes fault. stop blaming Attitude because you picked a bad breeding company from the long list of companies.

    now, if you received the wrong seeds, or seeds that were crushed or dead or in some way, the attitude usually replaces the order. however you will have to send back the original order. with some of you people it seems you have never ordered anything over the internet. if you purchased a pair of jeans from an online store, and upon arrival the jeans didn't fit, or were damaged, the clothing company would also make you send back the clothes before the order was replaced... how is that concept so hard to grasp?

    as far as attitude knows, if you do not send back the beans, attitude could perceive that the seeds arrived just fine, and that you are trying to scam them (attitude) out of a second order at no charge. do you have any concept of an idea how fast Attitude would go out of business if they didn't require some form of proof to validate your claim? common sense should be a tool more often deployed from your toolbox of life.

    you people need to stop and try to analyze the situation from both sides of the fence before you go all full retard and start throwing around bad reviews like they were pudding in a food fight.


    JustAnotherHead New Member

    Attitude SUCKS!!! Big advertising dollars doesn't mean a better product. Just because Attitude splashes every page on every weed forum with Banner Ad Spam doesn't make them good; it makes them the WalMart of SeedBanks. THey gotta cut corners somewhere and fuck some customers to keep their margins in line due to a massive Advertising budget. They don't stand behind their products. I shop elsewhere unless I need TGA beans. Sannies, Nirvana, etc.

    dr2brains Well-Known Member

    Attitude is a distributor that don't breed! WTF people....
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    michaeljdumpout Well-Known Member

    thanks bro they needed to hear that...also i recieved my order last week of emerald triangle genetics and recieved a free tin container which the beans were in... i think people were complaining about crushed beans so they are working on issuse

    FriendlyTokez Active Member

    Nothing better then when that happens, you open the mail and you're thinking it will just be some paper or cardboard breeder packaging, or just little plastic bags, and instead it's in some special container. And you can reuse it.
    I read on the forums about people having issues with their seeds arriving crushed or not germing. Considering how far they travel I'm not surprised about cracked seeds in the rare event it happens, but I just email Attitude that the seeds are damaged and I get a replacement. The not-germing problem can be from a variety of causes not just bad genetics.[​IMG]

    Khankeno Member

    Well let me just say I had my girl place a order 4 me and I've been waiting 4 at least 3 weeks already and still haven't even seen a empty damn package. I would feel at least a Lil better knowing that they at least but seriously I've had her reply 2 the email they send U after a order and she says she gets no reply. I heard this is 1 of the most reliable company's 4 US shipping but I must say this is disappointing cause I thought I had found a steady company I was gone use.

    FriendlyTokez Active Member

    Looks like this thread got revived. But aww I can't believe ya killed them!
    Especially the Ceres Kush.
    From my experience in horticulture and plant genetics you can never judge a book by its cover, as long as the plant is female.
    You never know, you may have been pleasantly surprised.
    I remember having that issue with Dinafem where the phenotype is off but it still turned out to be a good plant.[​IMG]

    dumdedum Active Member

    Personly attitude is the best seedbank in the web imo.

    manfish Member

    If you want RELIABLE and STEALTHY shipping along with decent prices...Check out Herbies Headshop...If you have a problem with seeds they will replace them...WITHOUT having to send them back. If you have a problem, Herbies will give you a reply QUICKLY. Herbie's is a DISTRIBUTOR...NOT a BREEDER...if you get bad seeds it could be a multitude of reasons...but it's the fault of the BREEDER, NOT the distributor. I have been using Herbie's Headshop for quite awhile now..and yeah...I've gotten bad seeds, but I POLITELY notified Herbie's and he replaced the seeds...he didn't even charge me shipping. Herbie replies personally to your emails...you will NEVER get an automated response. His customer service is second to none...That's why I don't bother to look at another seedbank

    McFrosty Member

    Attitude seed bank actually took care of me and I have no complaints about them.

    XuOut Well-Known Member

    I got a batch of Tangerine Dream from The Attitude and they did offer to replace the seeds, (none of them germed), if I sent them back. I didn't feel comfortable doing that. I have ordered from them 4 times since and haven't had any problems, plus if you check for their specials you can get some excellent deals. On 4/20/12 I ordered 10 Dinafem Cheese auto and get 16 free seeds with them, plus rolling papers, grinder, bag, mug, crush proof tin, and shipping for $81 with guaranteed delivery. I think I'm over those bad Tangerine Dream seeds, although I won't order from Barnie's Farm anymore which sucks, because I hear they have excellent stuff.

    mike13th Member

    dunno, their website might look a little dodgy but overall im happy with my purchase, i didn't want to risk it so i ordered a few seeds just to test if they are actually legit. i received my x5 fem Northen Lights AUTO (Nirvana) and received x2 fem Critical Sensi Star freebies, i tried germinating ALL of them (believing i'd had a few losses and bad seeds) and ended up with 7 female plants, more than i could handle:) i give them two thumbs up BUT unfortunately their stealth packaging is anything but stealthy

    MuckyDucky Well-Known Member

    Remember their Lucky 7 promotion?

    I decided to do a grow with the free Lucky seven seeds I got from Attitude in Jan 2012. 6 seeds popped within 2 days and I put them into flower a couple of weeks ago. Everything looked great until I discovered a full blown male, The Bubba76. No problem I thought. Shit like this happens. Then low and behold, another male! …. The MK Ultra! Now what are the odds of getting 2 males out of 7 different varieties of female seeds? Something smells and it not the pot! I am still waiting for Veneno to show it’s sex. If it is a male too then the ratio would be 3F - 3m, the same odds as regular seeds.

    I know that bad germination or bad phenos are either due to the seed companies or my own fault but these free seeds were repacked by Attitude.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable stealthy seedbank with reasonable prices? I am not interested in freebees. Attitude cured me of that.

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