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Attic grow help.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by marcy, Jul 20, 2013.


    marcy Well-Known Member

    Hi all recently moved and find my self with no room for a grow apart from attic. Nothing big just 4 plants under 2 600 hps with 8 inch ruk and filter and 4 inch intake fan. Cool tubes aswell. I'm going to use a 1.2x1.2x2 tent up there but the problem I have is my intake and outtake. I just really don't no where I'm going to put I mean I looked around and I did spot a vent on the outside of house/roof witch I "might" be able to put my intake up to if there is nothing already on it (my house has a few log burners) but my outtake I would like to put into chimney but don't fancy knocking a hold in it. I mean if needs be il just have to cut a hole in the roof and put a vent over it but I'm hopeing there is some easier way? Thanks in advance

    computergroove Active Member

    Depends on the roof layout. I would only do a roof cut as a last resort. It would be much better to do a hole in the side of the house so you really wouldn't be concerned about water leaking from rain and such. Cutting through the floor would be an option too. Again run the exhaust to the side of the house.
    Keif Cheif

    Keif Cheif Member

    There are usually vents in the attics. If there are some vent holes like you said, you can split your intake and/or exhaust line between several duct lines to each of the vent holes. This will help disperse the air without having to cut new holes or force air through the roof. If there is already a vent on the ceiling that is not hard to tap into, that might be a good solution for the exhaust.

    Or if you have enough power in there, you can always run a sealed room. Use the exhaust fan as a free standing scrubber in the room, and the intake fan can be used for a scrubber in the room that you trim in (living room). Watch out for neighbors with an attic grow, you dont want them to notice that you are the only house that doesn't have a frosted roof in the winter time. Hope this helps. -Cheif

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