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attempting to bring a plan backt back from near death

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by estimatedprophet, Sep 19, 2008.


    estimatedprophet Active Member

    So here's the rundown

    A friend got a half mature weed plant cheap. this was back in july. He took poor care of it, and attempted to grow using sunlight in his bedroom. Things turned out as expected and a week ago i convinced him to give it to me to attempt to bring it back to some semblance of health. As best i can tell its problems are as follows.

    1)Pest Infestation, almost definitely spider mites
    2) Sporadic watering history
    3) Has received almost no light for the last 3 weeks
    4) Soil of unknown quality
    5) No attempt to use nutrients has been made

    This may be an impossible task, not sure. But i'd like to try to bring her back to life. My current gameplan (and this plan is very open, advice would be appreciated) is as follows.

    Daily sprays of tobacco, chili powder mix
    Repot with quality soil
    Build small wooden grow box ( some about 2 feet square and 4 feet high)
    Establish regular watering cycle
    Use CFL lights on 24 hours to bring her back to some semblance of health before entering flowering .

    Thats basically about it. I'm slightly above a noob when it comes to growing and am very desirous of advice. Advice that is, other then "buy hps/mh/hid/ lights as my labouring job and small apartment allows neither the money nor space for said luxuries.

    Here are some pics of the current state of the plant (not naming her till i know she'll live) She's in a pretty sickly state and very well might not make it, but i had to try.

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    DaveyDoom Well-Known Member

    In all honesty, I would lift the lid on that pony and flush it.

    Baz Well-Known Member

    That most definatly needs binning, its not worth the time, effort or the electricity, get some seeds or a clone off of a buddy, and then concentrate the time, effort and electricity on them, trust me thats a goner

    GrowSpecialist Well-Known Member

    Your plan is good. Better hurry though. That plant doesn't have much time left. It may be too late already. It DOES have some green in the stem though... so I think its possible to bring it back. Are you just trying to bring it back for some symbolic purpose? Or do you just think you HAVE to work with this plant? If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time with this plant. Its too far gone and it will take a long time to get it back into shape. You could probably grow a new plant from seed and it be the same size as that plant by the time you actually get that plant back to good health.
    The Garden Shed

    The Garden Shed Well-Known Member

    good luck my friend ... godspeed ...

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    I can hear its cries from here. "Please Kill me"!! it just keeps saying that over and over.

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