Aspirin water WILL kill your plant if you are not careful!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Windrider, Dec 8, 2010.


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    I just thought I would issue this warning to anyone who has heard about using aspirin in water to make clones or to fight off pests and disease. I have found people saying that it works but not many people give the proper dose. This can prove to be a deadly mistake. It started like this...

    I was performing LST on one of my ladies when (doh!) I broke the main cola. At this point I am about 2 days into flowering. I decide that the broken cola is long enough to at least attempt a clone. If it doesn't root, oh well. I mix 3 crushed aspirin into 1 solo cup of water (this is my first mistake). I place saran wrap over the top and insert the broken cola of my plant.

    3 days pass.

    I check the base of the clone, it is horribly dead. Like, this thing was murdered.


    After removing the saran wrap and cutting up the failed clone into tiny pieces, I mistakenly watered my plants with the aspirin water. I leave the grow room not thinking much of it. Looking back, I should have made the connection between "dead as fuck clone" and soon to be "dead as fuck plant."

    I return in a few hours to see the plant that had been watered with the aspirin water drooping horribly in the top few tiers. I knew it was not a case of overwatering because it was her time to be watered when I watered her with the aspirin water.

    3 days pass.

    My lady is looking horrid. I have not been able to water her because I don't want to add over watering to the stress of the aspirin. I have been giving her minimal amounts of fresh water. She is showing signs of becoming a hermie. All leaves have begun to droop, the bottom ones shrivel and have had to be trimmed. The tops have all begun to wither, and the main cola is starting to lean over in a sad fashion.

    My lady is dying.

    You have no idea how shitty I have felt since she made this turn for the worse. There is nothing I can do besides talk her through it, and hope she somehow makes a miraculous comeback. The chances are looking almost non-existent though. What surprised me was how fast the damage occurred and how drastic the damage has been. My lady was a completely healthy plant before this event. No leaf spots, no curled tips, no burns. Just green and growing. Now she is a complete mess.

    I urge you, do not water your plants with aspirin water if you do not know someone who has done it before. Make sure you find out the proper dosage and feeding schedule of that dosage before you do anything. Aspirin has the power to turn a BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY plant into a WITHERING and MISERABLE stem.


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    Doh! Well what you should have done right when you realized you gave it ASPIRIN LOL...was to flush it with plain ph'd water. If you haven't done that yet I'd do it, might not be too late. ::shrug:: =/

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    save the aspirin for the headaches you gonna get having no pot.

    D619 Well-Known Member

    Old thread, but aspirin will not kill your plants, plenty of scientific studies study proving otherwise. 325mg non-coated aspirin per gallon. salicylic acid ,( ingredient in aspirin) plants make salicylic acid, aspirin just helps it produce systemic acquired resistance (SAR) quicker.


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