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Discussion in 'Spirituality & Sexuality & Philosophy' started by BygonEra, Jun 29, 2013.


    BygonEra Well-Known Member

    Do you think asexuality is a true sexual orientation or a psychological/environmental thing? I mean I would assume it's just an inherent trait, but my best friend is asexual and I can't for the life of me understand it! It drives me insane! We actually used to live together, but one night she freaked out so bad because she heard me having sex that she told me she had to move out... said it "really grossed her out"... and then the final straw was when she heard the downstairs neighbors having sex lol. So yeah, my best friend couldn't live with me any more because I was accidentally too loud in a house that has terrible acoustics. Sorry thats unrelated really... just needed to emphasize her aversion to sex lol. I mean she'll talk about sex with me all day long and we sometimes we do... its just when it comes down to the actual act I guess.

    I realize there are different types of asexuals, but I'm hoping someone can give me some insight here. How can someone be attracted to the opposite sex, and act otherwise totally sexually attracted to another person, but just not want to have sex with them? My friend has had a boyfriend for 2 years now that she has no desire to have sex with and would be incredibly bothered even if she saw him naked. Yet, I've seen them making out in public. She never masturbates and finds it weird that most people do... But seriously, how can you not get anything out of violently making out with someone?! lol

    So, I've thought about it, and I don't understand how that kind of thinking is genetically predisposed.... My friend and I think her dad molested her because he's creepy as fuck, so that would make it environmental. Idk.... just a thought..bongsmilie
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Hand her a viberator and tell her its healthy to use it massage her muffin. Shell get addicted to it.

    Nevaeh420 Well-Known Member

    Whats the difference between being asexual and celibate?

    EDIT- Its funny how the first person to reply to this thread is "Chronic Masterbator"! Lol ;-)


    BygonEra Well-Known Member

    Lol nah... She wouldn't even try... She's always ranting about how weird it is that a lot of women out there own vibrators haha.

    BygonEra Well-Known Member

    If you're celebate, you choose not to have sex for religious reasons or some other reason... but still have the desire to. Asexual people typical aren't attracted to either sex, but some are attracted to one sex or the other and just have no desire to want to have sex.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Sexuality in humans can be complicated. I would look harder at her creepy dad as a possible cause for her disinterest. For a young person not to be interested at all is probably a symptom of a deeper psychological issue. Dont you think?
    eye exaggerate

    eye exaggerate Well-Known Member

    ...I'll tell you something. Love is a musical scale. When we're young, we play lots of bass :)

    ...does she seem like an 'old soul' to you?

    Dislexicmidget2021 Well-Known Member

    From what you posted,It seems she was more than likely molested and has this issue as a result.It simply makes her uncomfortable to be near sex.Maybe she hasnt had any experience,but even so, with such a sensitivity issue its as though some sort of early trauma had to be involved,though I could be wrong and she is just really shy.

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    In grad school I met a true asexual. It induced me to expand my list of four basic sexual orientations (boys:boys, boys:girls, girls:boys, girls:girls) to include a fifth: those folks who really don't have much of a sexuality at all. cn

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