are springtails good or bad for a soil grow + rep

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by moodster, Nov 9, 2009.


    moodster Well-Known Member

    the question is are springtails good or bad for a soil grow im reading that they are healthy for the soil anyone got any input ??

    capecodkid Active Member

    Springtails may be annoying but they are not harmful to your plants. However, getting rid of them is easier said than done. Your best bet is to try to dry out the soil more between waterings. When watering houseplants always water thoroughly, then spill out the excess moisture that remains in the saucer or tray.

    beginnerbloomer Well-Known Member

    Yes springtails are good,u dont need to worry about getting rid of them.
    Though its unlikely that u should have them in ur pots unless ur using soil u have collected urself.

    Bon3z Active Member

    Springtails feed on fungus and dead plant matter. For that reason I've always considered them to be somewhat beneficial. They do no harm to the plants and rely on moisture for them to survive. Capecod is right, best way to rid yourself of them is to just let the soil dry out a little more than normal between watering. Just be sure not to over-dry the soil, dont want to kill your babies =D

    moodster Well-Known Member

    im using canna terra soil m8

    heresSMOKEY Active Member

    ive got weird white thing that i think jump im thinking their springtails ill let my soil dry out as much as possible thanks for the info folks, im using westlands soil with added john innes pretty weird

    DontSnitch Member

    iv just cum to my grow and have just noticed these little bastards myself, iv jus come into week 3 flowering and only just discoverd these.

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