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are daylight cfls Necessary for veg or will soft white work through a whole grow?

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by putillor, Oct 31, 2008.


    putillor Active Member

    does it matter if you use the daylight cfls for veg? i've heard yes and no but i want a definitive answer.

    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    mostly any light will make a plant grow, but its how well it will grow.
    If u want a definitive answer... go with the cool white/daylight bulbs if ur gonna use it for veg.. i mean u can use the warm white ones if u want, but it wont be as good.

    tom__420 Well-Known Member

    I use only soft white for veg and it works fine. Daylight would be better though

    Tom :peace:

    FLOWER PIMP Well-Known Member

    they plant will thank you for the daylights...

    Tanman402 Well-Known Member

    i would say a mixture of both

    putillor Active Member

    good enough for me. daylight it is.

    FLOWER PIMP Well-Known Member

    now how many is different story.

    what are you thinking in that department??

    what type of light hangers will you use?

    Batman407 Well-Known Member

    I had my plant under 5-23w 2700k soft white bulbs and it was growing very slow. I just got 3-23w 6500k daylight bulbs a couple days ago and it has grow much much better then with the other lights.

    putillor Active Member

    got a four pack of the daylight cfls and have them screwed into a hanging vanity light that i installed a three prong plug onto. i originally bought the soft white cfls so i'll hang onto them for later. thanks for the advice.

    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    Since u mentioned something like this, I figured id ask u a question I posed in another thread that no one has answered..

    Ok so I was wondering, is it possible to wire a lighting system to a wire cut off a regular lamp with a 2 prong plug-in ? Dunno if u understand what im saying.. but take a regular lamp you would use on a end-table, cut the wire off it , and sorta "splice" it to like a fluorescent light fixture..

    would that work or cause fire problems

    FLOWER PIMP Well-Known Member

    not sure i fully understand your question but....

    if you are talking about wiring any normal 120 vac device to say a lamp cord. then yes you can do this.

    you will wnat to try and match the hot and neutrals up though.

    the neutral will mostly have the bigger blade of the two and the wire may have ridges on the insulation.

    with a two wire cord you will be missing the ground. if your setup is somewhat safe and draws little power this "should" be ok. its always better to have a ground. but cfl's don't have this ground connection, the socket might though and that is waht you would ground too.

    my house was wired about 40 years ago. none of the outlets have grounds. this is kinda bad for all the modern devices that draw hefty power, like my 600 watt psu (pc). and the washingmachine, etc...

    my hps is not grounded as well. :( not the best.

    slowly i am rewiring my house and grounding as i go along...

    hope that helps...

    hybrid Well-Known Member

    there is actually an adaptor instead of butchering the plug

    MoMikey Member

    if your wiring up a flourescent light a 2 prong will work for you . just wont be grounded . 3 prong plugs have one prong as the positive feed, one as a nutural and one as a ground . i would suggest a polorized 2 prong cord and hook up positive to either the black wire (or brass screw depending on your fixture) and nutural to the white wire ( silver screw) you would be good with that setup.

    lolm guess i should of continued reading the thread .

    8erich2 Member

    us 42 watt bulbs trust me i have 12 and they work great mix with day and soft

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