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Arctic weed?!?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by t0k3 h4rd, Nov 24, 2008.

    t0k3 h4rd

    t0k3 h4rd Active Member

    hi every one
    so im coming near the end of my first grow it was a bagseed planted in regular potting soil from my parents shed it's sat in an old caravan in the middle of a feild in the UK it has so far survived frost on several ocasions now we just had 3 inches of snow and its still going strong one of the lower leaves had turned a little yellowish in colour so i just chopped it off before it caused any hassle. It's been flowering for around 10 weeks now and it still only has little buds about the size of a quater if your in america or a 10p in the uk the trichomes are all still clear and the pestils are a deep red to browish colour i was wondering if the buds arn't growing as large because of the plants relatively hard life ie fighting for survival rather than growing me some nice bud.:weed:
    i mean i dont even know if this is how it goes like the buds will grow real small untill the last couple of weeks of flowering then all of a sudden grow in size

    the leaves of the plant seem indica satavia cross a little more satavia than indica i would say but im by no means an expert.

    thanks for looking hope you can help.

    and sorry no pics i int got a camera atm

    Cannabox Well-Known Member

    is it indoors now? are you flowering it with the proper light spectrum? if your using CFL's are they close enough? there is a few factors ;p

    GSTATUS Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about cannabox. That whole thread was him telling about how his plant is outside in the cold.

    Throw a black garbage bag over it at night man if its chillen in the snow its for sure getting stressed. I dont know how much more growth you'll see you could try finishin it up inide
    t0k3 h4rd

    t0k3 h4rd Active Member

    hi thanks for the post

    i'm afraid no can do the sole reason its down the feild in a caravan is to keep a low profile from my parents who don't even know i smoke it lolol will the trichomes still turn browish colour even though the growth has been stunted by the harsh weather?

    nobustincaps Well-Known Member

    personally i judge cop time by pistil color or tric development. the tric's may be clear but with the pistils at a deep red to brown color your plants way over mature, cut it before its not smokeable.

    GSTATUS Well-Known Member

    I think your confusing trichomes with pistols. Trichomes are the crystals all over the bud you need a microscope to get a good look at em. If you could get out there today and snap a pic maybe we could see how far along it is

    Hank Well-Known Member

    Artic Weed? I 've heard about everything now:-) G'Luck on the grow.

    t0k3 h4rd

    t0k3 h4rd Active Member

    the "hairs" on the bud which i was refering to as pestils are brown but i herd that that was not a good indicator of ripeness i have a microscope (high power sight off my rifle ;), ) and can see the crystals with that which i was refering to as trichomes i might be confused with the terms im not sure. But the crystals covering the buds and surrounding leaves are all still clear some are goin cloudy i thought they all had to be cloudy and around 10% starting to turn brownish clour??
    t0k3 h4rd

    t0k3 h4rd Active Member

    thanks man.
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    never go by pistil colour when harvesting they tell you allmost nothing , ive had pistils turn completely brown just 3 weeks into flowering a (mostly sativa) plant .

    JuicyBuds Well-Known Member

    you could always wait til' next year and she will be a lot bigger, what kind of nutrients did you use if any?
    If you didn't use any nutrients you might want to hold off until next year and give her some good nutrients to increase your bud mass, you might also want to consider cutting clones and planting a few more around now that you know it's a female, but if it's snowing chances are you're to late.
    t0k3 h4rd

    t0k3 h4rd Active Member

    yeh im using no nutes just the original soil and good ole rain water lol by hold off till next year do you mean leave it dont even cut the buds off and let it grow all through the winter? if so what would happen to the small amout of weed on the plant atm?

    JuicyBuds Well-Known Member

    You could always cut off the big ones and leave the rest, but it's an annual plant which means it will all wilt off like a tree or shrub and grow back next year, only twice as big. I would read up this winter on the best nutrients for your plant and harvest next year when shes a monster. . . good things come to those who wait.

    farmer#1 Well-Known Member

    ive never heard of this before...

    JuicyBuds Well-Known Member

    I suggest you take a look at the grow bible. . . I know they have it here somewhere just do a search, it's an easy read and will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about cannabis.

    garzaglock Active Member

    if the trichomes are turning an amber color the plant is for sure ripe.the tric. goes from clear to cloudy to amber.i like to harvest when more then half have turned a nice creamy white.like everyone said never go by the color of the pistils.

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