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    ARCHIVE #32 (Three-Two) Male Cone
    ThaDocta started the work on this line in 2006 in an attempt to put the Albert Walker into a workable seed line. The manic male was chosen for his ability to not impart flavors that conflicted with the Albert Walker mother, but were more complimentary or even non influential were the ideal goals of increased resin count on the Albert Walker and shortenedthe flower period, while retaining all of the uplifting high and aroma.
    The Albert Walker mother plant is well known in the PNW of the US. It's garnered an immense following and support by those lucky enough to have access to it. She possesses one of the most sublime indescribably intoxicating aromas of any cannabis plant we have encountered. I can attempt to describe it, but words will never do it justice. Limonene and Alpha pinene terpenes are present and hint at a bouquet of citrus, skunk, lemon, Christmas wreath, dankness, and did I say SKUNKY!. It's impossible to cover up the smell of the Albert Walker. And the potency isone of the most enjoyable uplifting creative highs I have encountered. Often requested by some of the most legendary glass blowers, musicians, and artists the world has seen, the Albert Walker has an immense following by creative minded individuals because of it's creative, uplifting, and gratifying high.

    Flo x ARCHIVE #32
    The legendary FLO mother plant from Colorado bred with ARCHIVE #32. With it's extremely unique terpene profiles ranging from over the top citrus pine sweet and skunky, to blueberry scented soap box Kush.Both parents carry a very stimulating, relaxing, and spritual kind of potency. Not day ender weed, this is day brightener/starter herb, and one that is straight for the creative's head stash!
    Flower Time : 8-9 Weeks
    Sativa/Indica : Polyhybrid F1
    (~40/60) Indica Dominant
    M/F Ratio : ~50/50Yield: 1.5 lb per 4'x4'/1000w
    (FLO Clone (Colorado)) female x #32(Albert Walker x Manic)

    Master Kush x ARCHIVE #32
    This is OGraskal's original Master Kush mother and it is thehighest yielder of any SoCalMaster/Bubba/Afghani Kush we've run across. She exhibits that sublime misty-fragrant-incense tone with the dank coffee-nutty background with a very heavy and narcotic stone. The SoCalMaster Kush mother has tested out at as much as 9% CBD. The Albert Walker grandmother also tested out at 1.6% CBD. This Master Kush crossed with ARCHIVE #32 produces potency ranging from night-cappers, to more uplifting, mood enhancing with anti depressant like qualities. Dank piney citrus tones from the Albert Walker blend with the incense fragrance of the MKto produce phenotypes ranging from soft sweet incense scented orange groves with a floral background to deepAfghani skunk flavors.
    Flower Time : 56-70 Days
    Sativa/Indica : PolyhybridF1
    (~25/75) IndicaDominant:
    M/F Ratio : ~50/50
    Yield : 1.5lb + per 4'x4'/1000w
    (OgraskalSoCalMaster Kushx #32(Albert Walker x Manic)

    Sour Kush x ARCHIVE #32
    Sour Kush is like a more
    "skanky" danky version of
    ghost OG. It's this intoxicating
    kindastank. It is a nice plant
    other than it does the herm
    thing sometimes like the entire
    diesel line. It is in the genetics,
    but hermaphroditic traits should
    not deter you from growing these hybrids.
    Flower Time : 56-70 Days: Sativa/Indica : Polyhybrid F1
    (~25/75) IndicaDominant: M/F Raio : ~50/50
    Yield : 1.5lb + per 4'x4'/1000w
    (OgraskalSourKushx #32(Albert Walker x Manic))

    San Diego Cat Piss x
    ARCHIVE #32
    A big yielder with supreme bag appeal, this easy to grow plant has great structure and when crossed with the ARCHIVE #32 male is sure to appeal to the first time grower as much as the seasoned professional. A great yielding plant that's able to support it's own weight, very branchy, and dense growth structure with a large dominant colas. It’s phenos smells like jet fuel, kerosene and pinesol, in an field of Orange Blossoms. Overall pure dankness are the general theme throughout thephenos. Some more sweet representing the #32 side of things, but run across a Cat Piss pheno and you
    better make sure the Carbon
    filters are fresh!
    Flower Time : 60-70 Days
    Sativa/Indica : Polyhybrid F1
    (~30/70) Indica Dominant
    M/F Ratio: ~50/50
    Yield: 2+ lb per 4'x4'/1000w
    (San Diego Cat Pissx (Albert Walker x Manic)


    Original Diesel x #32
    A new take on an old favorite. Lemon, fuel and citrus skunk on a big yielder. Both the #32 and Original Diesel have been proven, capable 2+ performers. The smells on phenotypes range from a delectable and exotic sweet/tart citrus/garlic tones to uncontrollable diesel funk, fuel with a dank orange/citrus cleaner on top, courtesy of the Albert Walker grandmother! The tastes match the smells perfectly with a dominant dank citrus flavor with the more diesel dominantphenos showing a clear cutting diesel/kushaftertaste.
    Very different herb from your typical diesel hybrids.
    Flower Time : 8-10 weeks
    Sativa/Indica : Polyhybrid F1
    M/F Ratio: ~50/50 : (~70/30) Sativa Dominant
    Yield : 2lb per 4'x4'/1000w
    Female Clone X Male Clone
    Original Diesel x #32 (Albert Walker x Manic)

    Face/Off OG Kush
    In the late 90’s in Southern California, some particularly excellent batches of OG Kush circulated the underground market as Face/Off OG Kush. A well-connected friend scored a small handful of seeds from that herb. He gifted me a half dozen of them, and this plant, #4, was grown and selected from those seeds for it’s overwhelmingly unique flavor and skull crushing high. A strain not intended for the lightweights, it may turn some green for a minute or two, with an almost nauseatingly potent, initial head high. Great for heavy pain relief without the grogginess or fog of many pain medicines.
    Indica/Sativa : 70/30 OG Kush Family



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    Happy Holidays!!

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    I'll be adding:
    Uk exodus cheese x Albert walker #32
    portland Thai x Albert walker #32
    bubba kush x albert walker #32


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    Did somebody mention Face/off OG #4?
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    Testing is underway in the lab.
    Face/Off #4 bx 1 male has been chosen and is going through rigorous testing.
    The results look phenomenal.
    I am working on getting a few pics online here.
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    ((#32 x faceoff og) x (faceoff Og)) x (purple urkle))) aka faceoffbx1 x urkle

    Highhawyn! Active Member

    YES MY BRUTHAS!!!! aloha my friend! i hope you guys blow it up bro, but i know that you will as doc has a certain taste that he likes his genetics to maintain. if people are lucky enough to be able to get some of his genetics, even in seed form, then they will fucking love it! great job on spreading the word bro, pretty soon you will be too busy to do anything else :) aloha my brother, you and the ohana take care!

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    oh, btw, good luck at the cup!
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    Hey bud. Glad to see ya. Been a while lol. I'm putting together a care pkg for ya since Ive been missing out on the bbq's.
    Thank for the good wishes.

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    I think I would like to try the Archive #32.
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    Thank you to thadocta for his devotion and passion for the plant.
    Grimace og took 3rd at the LA HTMCC this past weekend.
    Purple urkle clone x faceoff og bx1.

    Archive seeds are available at selected medical cannabis access points in CA, WA and MI.

    Lots of seeds have been growing everywhere so if you run across anybody that is already growing ASB lines grab a clone!!!
    Good luck

    jj6077 Member

    where in So Cal can i find these seeds? sorry if this is against forum rules.

    Highhawyn! Active Member

    yes brother, no worries take your time. i got plenty going lol. here's a shot of some beef ribs i did up this past weekend. :D loving life bro, take care aloha!

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    Here is an Original Diesel32 I just picked at 65 days.

    Closetgardner Well-Known Member

    I'd love to have a go at that face off og kush. Keep us posted on a UK release for these:)
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    Here is Grimace OG.
    faceoff og #4 bx1(m) x Purple Urkle(f)
    done by ThaDocta
    IMG_5132.jpg IMG_5131.jpg IMG_5130.jpg IMG_5129.jpg IMG_5128.jpg IMG_5127.jpg IMG_5126.jpg IMG_5125.jpg IMG_5124.jpg IMG_5122.jpg
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    From thadocta:
    Looks like we're gonna use (2) heavily Face/Off #4 leaning males for this round. Looking to ensure the super dank compatibility with each mother through 2 male selections. Both boys just stink to high heaven of straight OG, have full on OG growth behavior and leaf pattern (in fully mature state as clones is very important IMO for male selection) but a little more stout just like the F/O#4 momma. Reversals proved to be VERY OG...

    We will be pollinating....

    Ghost OG
    Face Off #4 to make BX2's
    F-cut OG
    Octane OG
    Fire OG
    Dank Old Valley OG
    Purple Urkle
    The Black
    Cherry Pie
    GS Cookies (Forum)
    Garlic Bud
    Norcal Cat Piss
    San Diego Cat Piss
    Golden Goat
    Colorado FLO
    Lemon Diesel

    and a few more that are currently escaping me...

    not all hybrids will be commercially available and will most likely be reserved for the crew. This is about seeds and preservation, not about cash...[​IMG]


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    alright my friends, I was given some #32 crosses from our friend. These were some of the original testers. I dropped five of each in water and will put them in promix today. 5 different crosses. I am sooo shitty with seeds as I usually have waaay more than I need so I use them frivolously, but with these there are a limited supply so I need to baby them. wish me luck as I am going to search for at least one keeper out of the bunch. aloha

    Highhawyn! Active Member

    oh and congratulations on another cup archive. you guys are rocking the weed world right now. amnesia shatter is killer, winning with different strains, can't beat that. a hui hou

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