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    to my caregiver Negative Empire. I had misconstrued and misunderstood his being busy and such as avoiding me or not taking care of me, and I have found out I was completely wrong in my reasoning. We have shared genetics, he has a wealth of info per OMMP, and I lashed out after a feeling I was being ignored first then attacked later and I lashed out, and It should have never have happened ,its on me so I apologize to site and especially to NE. I was wrong and I admit it. I stand by some of my grower horror stories and NE has seen at least one first hand, so he knows Im not lying, but in his caregiver capacity, he has taken care of me, I have been able to share some genetics with him doing all the work, etc. Any probs we had have been worked out. Again, Im sorry to the site and especially NE. Peace and karma. Happy New Year
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    Thanks I to apologize I think myself and beacon have both experienced some of the scoundrels out there in Oregon and we let it get to us and affect our own relationship when we should not have.
    Beacon is a good guy and I think him and me working together on developing and adjusting some of the strains we are working with we will have a lot to offer Oregon as far as original quality medicine.

    • I think both of would like to say to use this as an example for anyone out there reading this.
      There is some you who may have a dispute or fight with a family member, friend, stranger, or even another forum member.
      Take this time to reach out get past your differences, everyone out there has an enemy or dispute of some kind. Work it out for the new year or at least try.​

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    Apologizing without giving excuses is one of the hardest things for me to do, and I continually work on it.

    Thanks to you both for sharing this publicly. Warm fuzzies all around.

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    Group Hug everyone

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    and with this lil breakdown getting my my attention, I believe Im gonna take a break. Not growing so not contributing like I want, overreacting a time or two cause of nerves and pain,, not being able to be part of anything canna it seems that's worthwhile, my buddy Lonestar died unexpected on me out here, time for reflection, considering I sold everthing I had where I come from just to grow my own where Im at and due to landlord issues, nix that for 4yrs now. Peace and karma to all. Happy New Grow Year for you lucky cats that get too grow, lol, Thanks for having me, wished I could have done more. Is there an account delete button or process?

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    Slow down brother something will come up we will find you a place. Ask around the forum there got to be someone renting out or even a roomie.

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