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Apollo electronic ballast repair

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Doggonewild, Jan 16, 2018.


    Doggonewild Well-Known Member

    ive read around on these forums and have gotten the feeling that nobody is repairing ballasts especially apollo because of the epoxy fill saying its impossible etc well i just wanted to stop by and say that im on my third apollo repair it can be done just a lil work is involded in cutting the epoxy away carefully i have been using a screwdriver mostly and a right angle peice of metal to help slide the board out most repairs are fda50n50 mosfets and the scs206 rectifier diodes i only wanted to post this to save people money dont be afraid to fix something just be careful you dont get shocked and dont forget the thermal paste ps i typed all this on a phone srry ahaha im open for questions

    Doggonewild Well-Known Member

    Also i have repair ballast that have been fully submerged in water (basement floods)the epoxy helps then, just clean up all the corrosion with new solder

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Nice i have an OLD panthom digi balast that i used for years then

    One day it went on for about 15 min then cuts off.

    Try again goes on for a few then cuts off.

    Any ideas?

    Luckily i had a new light waiting .

    But it seems like a shame to toss it if i can fix it.

    Let me know

    Doggonewild Well-Known Member

    Well id start with anything that has a heat sink those r always the first to check your wanting to check for signs of burning and or the component shorting use your multimeter and remember its always gotta b removed from board to test any questions on how to troubleshoot different components youtube is your best friend p.s. always look for blown/leaking capaitors if the ballast has a few years on it
    Your symptoms sound like a cap but u never know till you look
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