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anyonw know if marijuana will help shingles pain?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by koura, May 10, 2009.


    koura Member

    my grandfather recently got shingles he is in severe pain and the morphine tablets only work for a short period ive been researching different drugs and ive read that marijuana helps with pain in the nerve system eg. Where morphine fails, marijuana may work. That's the major finding of British research into the pain caused by nerve injuries, a pain known to be somewhat resistant to morphine and similar drugs that are the gold standard for treating just about any other kind of serious pain.

    just wanted to know if anyone has an opinion on that and also what strain of marijuana would be the best to grow for pain relief??

    koura Member

    It's known that if you injure a nerve, the morphine receptors in the spinal cord disappear and that's probably why morphine isn't a very effective pain killer for such conditions as shingles, people who have had an amputation or perhaps if cancer has invaded the spinal cord," says Andrew Rice, a senior lecturer in pain research at London's Imperial College.

    DocGreen Active Member

    Yes it should help.

    Marijuana works on different receptors in the body and will be more effective than morphine. Although it has no effect on the actual demyelinization caused by the virus, it will definitely help with the pain. These are the exact kind of situations medical marijuana was designed for.

    I would assume strain like Kali Mist or a nice haze could work, but that is open for debate.

    Best wishes to your grand daddy

    KaliKitsune Well-Known Member

    It was my understanding that certain cannabinoids might actually protect the myelin sheath. I know that it certainly works for shingles pain.

    doobiewah Member

    Well, I had bad shingles and the doc gave me the usual antibiotics, saying it was stress induced, which it was.
    I found that smoking eased the pain by chillin' me out and reduced the discomfort quickly. Worth a try I think.
    Not a pleasant condition at all. Relaxation helps.

    DocGreen Active Member

    Their was a study done to see what effect marijuana has on MS. They found that it slows down the degradation of the myelin sheath, but not significantly. Most of the science in this area surrounds MS at this point, and it is still a debated topic.

    But yes, it will work awsome for shingles pain lol

    kubrickzghost New Member

    It sure wouldn't hurt...

    Cannibro Member

    I would suggest not smoking marijuana while having shingles. I've been smoking every day for almost a year and i was diagnosed with shingles last week. The doctor gave me some medication that i have to take 5 times a day and i decided to smoke pot after i took a pill to see what would happen. i got some strange ringing in my ears that's never happened before. I tried it again the other night and i honestly tripped out like i was on some hardcore drug. I also got sick and was tripping for about 3 hours which has never happened before. I'm pretty sure it caused lethargy which just tripped me out more. Really screwed me up. Although it did help relieve the pain from my shignles it did something else to react with the pill. I would strongly suggestto not smoke while on shingles medication.

    ElephantRider Well-Known Member

    I think the idea was to not take the shingles medication, rather than mix meds. Personally, I'd try the cannabis before the pills. I hate pills.

    Mixing meds of any kind sucks. I once took a vallium and then smoked. I literally forgot to breathe and passed out standing up while waiting for dinner. That's the last pill I took, aside from the occasional aleve.

    KaliKitsune Well-Known Member

    Methinks your doctor should've taken into account the fact that you're a smoker first. Anybody that smokes anything pretty much reacts a bit differently to pain medications.

    And with medical studies that show cannabis being quite effective for relief of shingles pain, I would just avoid the pills all together.

    Cannibro Member

    Yeah but when you have shingles you have to take the medication for about a week so they heal, if not you get postherpetic neuralgia. Which is the pain from shingles for weeks months or years after they're gone. Although the pills don't help with the pain they heal the disease so i tried smoking pot. It's funny how it actually worked and helped the pain but the first few times i did it, there was a strange ringing in my head and the last time i tried it was after the last pill at 12 at night and the pills actually get me high. I'm supposed to go to sleep after my last pill but instead i stayed up anbd smoked a bowl and the burnout from the pill tripped me out. It honestly felt like i was on another drug other than pot. I might ave been hallucinating but i'm not quite sure. Either way when you have shingles it's alright to smoke pot as long as your not taking the pills.

    The one thing i can't seem to figure out is i've been on about 30 different sites explaining the medication i'm on and not one says it reacts with marijuana.

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