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Anyone Wanna Try and sex these guys for me?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Xcalibur, Oct 19, 2011.


    Xcalibur Member

    ok so i'm a newbie Grower.
    Thought i would start off small and go with 3 plants but i have not been able to sex them and they have been in the flowering cycle for approx 2-3 weeks,
    if anyone can take a crack at what these guys are +rep for you :D
    also could you explain a little why you think they are male/female? (i won't hold you to it if you're wrong :P)

    3pics of each plant(2 for the last one)

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    STILL PUFFIN Active Member

    looks to early to tell , did you put them straight into flower ? whats the total age including veg time ?
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    ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ Well-Known Member

    picture 6 looks almost like its getting a bud spot but i cant tell
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    Xcalibur Member

    they are about 2 months old and i veg'd them with 20/4 until they were a little over half the size i wanted them to be after Flowering since my grow space is limited.

    so you recon to early to tell?

    ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ Well-Known Member

    shouldn't be. i would say you will be able to tell soon

    Tales Active Member

    It is too early to tell at this time. But 3 weeks of flower is generally the time frame.

    I think they are all female! That's for your benefit. Peace
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    Xcalibur Member

    Yeah thats what i was thinking which kinda threw me of since i have never seen a male and was expecting to have at least one o_O
    Looks like i have a couple more weeks of waiting till I'll no for sure!

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