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Anyone used a portable air conditioner?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by capncash, Apr 10, 2008.


    capncash Well-Known Member

    I need to cool a room with no windows wondering if anyones used one of these?

    PowerTrance Well-Known Member

    air conditioners are great to help cool things down... or just use a CMH bulb instead of HPS...

    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    I have one .. but the one i have you still need to vent the hot air out through a window mine is 10,000 btu we got it off of QVC
    White Widow Woman

    White Widow Woman Well-Known Member

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    420inmyapt Well-Known Member

    I have a 7,000 btu that i bought when i was living with friends in a cheap house w/o AC now I have one on hand in case i ever need to cool the ladies down....oh yea, am i also need a window or exhaust to vent mine, the air is puts out is almost over 100 degrees

    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    yep mine too .. its because they are also dehumidifires also

    portableac7 Member

    Well, there are several types of them. Personally I prefer recommended to choose and use portable air conditioner units that use split mechanism (not-produce loud noise when running).

    Just sharing my opinion friend....
    Thank you.


    Danthebull Well-Known Member

    Hi mate i have 2 running.

    They do a fantastic job. only thing with mine is..... The room is packed to the rafters with my ladys and could not fit them in there so i made a duct fit the front of it.... Its not pretty but works a treat and its not in the room which is great as space is sparse....lol the duct leads from the AC unit's in my attic back in to the room via the ceiling.

    Lowers the temp's real good!!!!!

    Ok pic's below...


    P.s my link>>>>>>>>>>>>http://www.rollitup.org/newbie-central/302501-hi-everyone-my-first-grow.html

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    kstampy Member

    I had a bad experience with portable AC units. Not are they more expensive but they just don't put out enough cold air and use way too much electricity. Not to mention most of them have to go through a wall or window anyways to put out the hot air. I believe most wall/window AC units only use the air inside and the one that I ended up with (same BTU as the portable one) works much much better and runs half the time without having to set it to a lower temp. If you have the know how, find a way to put a wall AC in.

    growinman Well-Known Member

    :wall:.....so I see all of these mentions of portable ac's and boxes and things you can do to exhaust the heat, etc........ :arrow:I have a question for you guys. Doesn't anybody have smell issues with the exhaust? I 've ran the portables for years and have been very happy with them. They're pretty much set-it-forget-it for heat and cooling, depending on the unit. Last year I started running some very strong smelling strains and it became very apparent and obvious in the exhaust from the ac(I run everything else through the scrubber). It's that time of year again now and I need to get ac in there for the girls. I want a mini split, just cant afford it right now. So I was thinking to install a window unit. I am just concerned that the condinsation build up on the coils will bring back the same problem as the poartables do....even the dual-hosed seperated units. They dont cure smell issues without going out via a scrubber, which in turn goes bad from the high RH after a couple of grows....
    Has anybody experienced what I am talking about?? Do the window units work any differently than the portables----is there no way smell could come out or off of a window unit?


    DoobieBrother Well-Known Member

    I use a portable for my growbox when the Summer temperatures are too high. Would grow in an open room, but one of our 3 cats loves to eat any plant it comes across, so have to keep my plants safe and the cat safe.
    Only need it for a month or so when the heat is at it's worst.
    It's not an ideal setup, but it's much better than the consequences of heat stress on the plants.
    If I were not renting an apartment and lived in a house, I would just add a window unit or a wall unit.
    But it sure beats having a bunch of plants that look ready for a wilted lettuce salad.

    Growbox mk5_17.jpg
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    trichlone fiend

    trichlone fiend New Member

    ...you'll need to get the "double hose" portable a/c units to control your odor, that's my experience anyhow. Those single a/c units shoot your odor right outdoors, the double hose circulates the same air over and over only using the "outside" air as a source of cooling off the unit....this also makes co2 easy to maintain at a 1500ppm for those with that on mind. These things create a negative pressure in your room, so if your in a tent you'll have to brace your walls to prevent collapse. Here's a pic of mine.

    ...here's a link to something like I'm talking about.


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    growinman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I have that exact same unit from the hydro-shop. I got it last summer and I think it was almost $600. And, it didn't do the trick. Smell still came out the exhaust. It's something to do with the condensation that gets in the unit and expelled through the exhaust--- they're not really 'sealed' inside like they could be. But, I know, the intake air is supposedly supposed to go just through the unit and out the exhaust without touching the air from the room. idk...... And it probobly does work for most grows---this WW is just so out of control with stink---but everybody LOVES it and I'd love to keep it going.
    So I think I am thinking along the lines of what Doobie Brotheris doing and just send in the cold air. This might work for me until I can get a mini split next month..

    Thanks to both of you and +rep!

    trichlone fiend

    trichlone fiend New Member

    ...idk, I've never had an odor issue, but...I run a scrubber (reversed) that is not exausted also (blowing into my scrubber ,view pic post above, behind a/c unit). My Trainwreck is pretty pungent and nothing escapes.

    growinman Well-Known Member

    Maybe that is worth a try: scrubbing the hell out of the air right in the room like your doing.... So where does your exhaust exit your room at? And there's no other scrubber on that? I've never tried it that way and it makes sense that it could work; most certainly worth a try.... What other venting do you do, how often? Sorry for all of the


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