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Anyone use FloraNectar Pineapple Rush?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by viperhighs, Apr 11, 2009.


    viperhighs Active Member

    Thinking about adding this, should i use this? and how long into to flowering should i start?

    cruzer101 Well-Known Member

    I would think if you got good genetics you wouldn't need it but I would add sweeter the last 4 weeks before flush.

    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    hahahaha i almost fell for the marketing hype too...

    but i think its like carboload almost...nothing wrong with giving it a shot

    but like cruzer say....i think with supreme genetics...worthless

    or maybe it can bring out the pineapple in those specific strains...i.e. ed ros' super bud pineapple taste, or pineapple punch, etc etc

    indawindica Well-Known Member

    Its the same thing as the plain flora nectar. just marketing hype. same ingredients.
    I used to use sweet but switched to flora nectar.

    viperhighs Active Member

    right on guys thanks for the input, i'm growing some pacific shark (great white x jade mikado) i'm tryin to get as sweet of a taste as i can get, what would you guys recommend? If i could really get a hint of pineapple that would be pretty cool, but a pineapple taste is deffinatley not part of these plants genetics so your saying the pineapple rush would be useless?

    indawindica Well-Known Member

    I think if you used sweet, flora nectar pineapple, and flora nectar fruit fusion you would get the same results.

    dipstick Member

    that shit gives me root rot in the dwc but prob good for soil or flow table

    Mjane75 New Member

    your brain, your grow, your whole set up, plus you are an idiot with NO clue of what you keep failing at so you must be an,,,,,,,, yep,


    Ghost860 Member

    @Mjane75 wow dude strong words.....but i have to agree with you if you get root rot then their is something you doing wrong and like the topic its on FLORA NECTAR then its no doubt thats you were over feeding them ......also flora nectar is good from veg to flower not only flower ...like said in this forum its almost a carb load and some xtra sweets like sugar cane and extra natural stuff...if your looking to make your bud sweeter it might help 10% the other 90% its all genetics

    Rjstoner Active Member

    Call me a hype whore but I use 3 different kinds of flora necter grape, fruit, and pineapple i also use regular organic molasses or humboldt honey only because i have so many strains i want to bring out the escense in each since i just got seed and am pheno hunting it will be a while but im gonna do a side by side asap

    hppy2balive Active Member

    I read up on this yesterday, it helps but still dont compare to genetics i believe! get the right genetics and use this id say ur golden!
    its decently priced may not hurt to try?

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