Anyone tried Mills Nutrients yet?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Lucius Vorenus, Jan 9, 2013.

    Lucius Vorenus

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    I know they are a sponsor of Heavy t's grow show. From what I hear its a great line. You might call the show on a Wednesday and ask those guys about it.
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    never heard of it

    NeWcS Active Member

    Really? Do a search for it. Every grower should check it out. I've learned a shit ton and have won $100's in gear

    Jcrasta Member

    "Mills pays the bill$"

    Jcrasta Member

    Heavy T's Grow Show Wed 7-10 pm
    Hydroponic Happy Hour Thurs 7-8pm
    Watch it LIVE at

    Greenme9804 Member

    Mills is absolutely shit. My yield was down 25%, I immediately went back to using Canna.
    Just look at their website, all the text is copied from other sites. I heard they are real
    nasty characters who have fucked over a lot of people before.
    "Mills please send me a cheque for the shit growth and yield you gave me."


    lynj Member

    Mills is the shit, really liked the A-B and Start-R... I ran the whole line good results. Great for people that don't know what their doing because it's super simple. I slowly started cutting out A when I started using the PK. Make sure to do straight water in between feeding and flush well. The nutrients stick a little. I also add silica and a sweetener.

    NeWcS Active Member

    You watch/listen to it or that's just what your search came up with?

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Their nute schedule is interesting, will give it that much.

    L2Fly Member

    First time use really required attention to detail concerning EC and pH since the basic feeding schedule provided by Mills is for unidentified agricultural products, not MJ, at least not according to the numbers we ended up with in (2) 40 gallon Ebb and Flow reservoirs, Grotop Master substrate in 4 x 8 covered trays.

    Mills general feeding schedule also uses a 3 week Veg 8 week flower standard (we're 3 from seed under T5 then 4/8 week schedule). Subsequently Mills came out with a new 3 option feeding schedule, again with a lack of plant specificity or EC directions, which just solidified our decision to monitor input and the effects 3 times a day. The 3 option schedule is just broke down into light, medium and heavy feeding. There is a slight

    Although in the first run we included other nutrients and supplements, (B+, SuperT ), we found that because of Mills' use of micro and macro nutrients it's really a waste to include them and we discontinued for all times after the first batch. Also pay attention to your measurements to avoid negative effects due to the mismatched measurements involving the bonding agents in A and B, make sure measurement of A matches B's measurement or risk lockout/burn or worse.

    40 gallons H2O start out filtered to 50 microunits EC with Air Temp Day 81 F Night 68 and Air Moisture Day 53 Night 61. While the first experiments with Mills turned the lab into a scary nightmarish hell of popcorn farts, scorched Earth err rockwool and stunted development, it took a few weeks to get the swing of Mills system, but the trick really was to just throw almost everything learned about other nutrients out the window. Mills bonds A with B and from everything we've found it's actually an Organic if apply the FDA standards in the U.S. But we recovered this batch to at least cover costs and continue a second.

    The Second batch out of the lab brought vastly different and positive results. By just applying the best measurement figures that worked for each stage of development during the first batch, the results were visible within 2 days and without any of the negatives associated with the first round of experimentation. The only real downsides were the lack of a pump applicator and agitator, (20, 10 and 5 L bottles), that would fit and the cost: 20L of A($175), B ($175); 5L C4 ($150) 2L Pk ($160) = 1 rotation or $66/lb nutrient cost. While more than other nutrient systems, the ability to fine tune Mills up or down at any stage of the plant's development and see the results 24-48 hours later, witnessing the visible changes A/B then C4 then Pk until ripening is worth it.


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    I use it, and pretty much everyone I know out here in the PNW does... getting 1.5 -2.4 per light...very solid line.. ScreenHunter_75 Aug. 28 10.32.jpg ScreenHunter_76 Aug. 28 10.32.jpg

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    I am in the UK and have been told that Mills will shortly be available here, the only bad review I have found anywhere so far is from Greenme9804 (above)who joined on 02/16/2013 left one bad comment when he joined and never left a comment about anything before or after.
    Do I detect a competitor at work here?:fire: you could have at least been a bit more subtle.

    If anyone does have any genuine info in Mills Nutrients (good or bad) I would like to know more about it as I don't want to be the UK pioneer.

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    Tempe420 Active Member

    nice first post! no way you work for mills. no way!

    DankemsHunter Member

    Teach me your ways!!! Just starting this line. What have you learned from using this nutrient? Got any tips? I will be growing in COCO. My buddy uses this line and he is actually using less than the LIGHT FEED SCHEDULE and his plants are very healthy.

    Thanks for your time

    LV50SexPlosion New Member

    I am curntley using Mills and I love it.

    DankemsHunter Member

    pH problems anyone? I have been adding around 3ml per gallon cal mag and keep my Mills around 5ml AB 4ml R in veg. Ive noticed If I leave it in my res aerating, my pH will rise from 5.8 to 6.5 by the next day. Could it be from aerating it?

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    Just started Mills. Plants look healthy green in veg, soon as i switched, they all were praying to the lights. They seem to be very happy.
    Original roots organic medium, I'm doing food water food water ect.
    On top of the Mills, I will be using Terpinator and Rock Resinator. Light doses of Sweet Stash for bacteria food in veg and flower, or even as simple as molasses.
    If I can find it, the last supplement I will be adding to the recipe is, Facilator by Aptus. Its a "silicic" acid which is bio available for the plants, unlike silicate.

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