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Anyone taken niacin for a urine test?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by buster7467, Aug 3, 2008.


    buster7467 Well-Known Member

    Just need to find info on exactly when to take it. As in, how long before the urine test should i take the niacin pill?

    ganji2 Well-Known Member

    fuck that niacin shit, it burned me up once, hen I as about 13

    matt+amber4ever Active Member

    yeah man, niacin energy spray shit put my girlfriend in the hospital. it almost made her liver fail, as far as getting clean idk, lots and lots of fluids is al i know
    Dr. Bluntz Stick

    Dr. Bluntz Stick Active Member

    ^^ i dunno WTF he's talkin about.

    I did the nicacin thing twice. First time i took 14 of them the night before the urine test.


    I tried it only taking 6 a month later and failed though. So... It's not fault tolerant

    KillerWeed420 Well-Known Member

    Niacin will do nothing to help pass a drug test. It only opens all your capillaries. Thats not going to help and its at the risk of your liver and kidneys. Do yourself a favor and look into subbing with synthetic urine.

    Angus Well-Known Member

    1. Drink 1 gallon of Cranberry Juice -- Diuretic, makes you piss alot.
    2. Eat a couple B-complex vitamins to turn your piss yellow again
    3. Eat a creatine tablet from your local GNC to get your creatine levels up to normal range
    4. Piss a couple times on day of test before you go in
    5. Piss into the toilet for a few seconds then piss into the cup from the middle of the stream
    6. Pass test
    7. ???
    8. Proffit!!!

    Edit: Or invest in a whizzinator. Don't eat any niacin, if you show up for your test beat fucking red they will probably know something is up.

    buster7467 Well-Known Member

    Yea, i have taken the niacin once before and i think i waited too long after taking the pills. I took the pills and did not get to take my urine test until about 3 hours later and they found just a small amount of THC in my system. And i have seen a couple friends take the pills about 1 1/2 hour before urinating and they passed the urine test. I guess i will just drink alot of water and trying the niacin again. I have no way to get any of the other stuff because i would have to order it and it will not get here in time. Thanks for the info guys.

    worble7 New Member

    synthetic urine is sold at the local head shops my friend used it and passed also they swab his gums and he took something for that also not dure wjay yjr name is but worked great he said.

    rollsdc Active Member

    i heard it makes you feel like your dieing

    AZHOMEGROWN Active Member

    Don't take Niacin!!! I lost a potential job with Motorola using that shit. I have an awesome job now but i would be making some serious bank if i would've passed that piss test. Niacin doesn't work!

    Aladdin1337 Active Member

    Niacin totally works dude, I take 4 100 mg pills a week before my PROBATION piss tests, it definetly works or I wouldn't be here typing this

    Aladdin1337 Active Member

    Just dont take more than 500 mg a day, i dont know what happens but it cant be good

    THEGROWER42384 Well-Known Member

    this is what i do geting piis from someone else is safest i would do bolth case thay make you piss twice

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